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Enclume Potracks and More

There is no denying that my children are growing. Everything that we need inside our house is growing too. When kitchen appliances break, we must change it with something bigger to accommodate our needs. Hanging enclume potrack made it happen for us, because I can use more shelving in our kitchen without the pots and pans on it. Now all of them are hanging, and we can use the empty space for food.

You can use enclume pot racks as shelving for your pantry too. If your husband is not incline to do things inside the house, just use one of their shelving units. When we were looking for a house to buy my big concern was closet space. Older houses are very seldom come with any, and we can never afford to buy a new one with a lot that we preferred.

We turned one of our closets that is closest to the kitchen into a pantry. You may have heard me complained about our small kitchen and now my pantry problem is solved. I still have other complaints about the kitchen, but those can be taken care o…

Breakfast Anyone?

French toast sour dough bread, bacon, and strawberries with powder sugar sprinkles.

Let the sour dough air out over night to soak in cinnamon eggs mixture the next morning.

DD was all smile this morning when I called her for breakfast. She was asking why there was decoration on her

Pansit Canton (canton noodles)

Ok, my collection/version of pansit canton. Different kind of mix with all three. I think I posted 1 or 2 already, but hey, if you are from the same country you cannot have This is my late entry for Ms. Willa FTF.


A contraction of the words "some more". Yes, this is what I am talking about. They label this as a snack, but I call this dessert because it is too sweet for my taste. According to Wikipedia the first s'more was made in 1927. See, I told you this thing been around and very popular when camping.

You need Graham crackers, chocolate bars, and marshmallows. My version is made inside the house. Yes, I am using a microwave to make the marshmallow puffed. I put the crackers on a plate and top it with marshmallows for 7 seconds. Then add a piece of a chocolate bar and another piece of crackers. Of course, we have the old fashioned way, gathering around a bonfire with a stick and marshmallow on fire at the

Here is one just for you.

Updates, Updates

Kids are officially on summer vacation. I can spend more time blogging The last two weeks of school was a killer. So many papers needs to turn in. Graduation and making sure the others are within the 90% lessons completed. Whew, now I can finally rest and soak in our swimming pool.

Tomorrow, I will post a recipe for a very easy, not so healthy dessert for everyone...he he he. Did I narrow it down or what? I am taking the kids to wally world to get some floaty and some sleeveless shirts at Old Navy. I am pretty sure they have some shirts on sale that I can afford...:P

I will try to decorate my finish product before taking a picture. You will only need three ingredients with my un-healthy dessert. This is very popular with Americans, specially when camping.

Strawberry Picking

Time to pick strawberries from your local farms. I am still trying to locate by me to take my kids. What can you make from strawberries? Jam, smoothie, ice cream, dip in chocolate, can you make pie from it?

I like it fresh or blend with plain yogurt. I better get off here and start locating farm that we like to get these fresh strawberries from. They are in season now, yummy.