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Mango Float

I was asked to write the recipe for the mango float I made last week. It can be easily search through Google just type in "mango float recipe". Anyway, here is what you will need to make some.

10 mangoes
1 box cinnamon graham crackers (crumbled)
1 pint heavy cream
1 can (12 oz) condense milk

I broke the graham crackers just like the way you make a crust for cheese cake. Some preferred it not broken at all. Set aside.
Then I mixed the heavy cream and condensed milk in a separate bowl.Slice all the mangoes, use as much as you want. I suggest with this recipe 10 will be enough.
Arrange the graham cracker in the bottom of rectangular container.
Add some cream and milk mixture, I let it soak for a while then add another layer.Put the mango slices on top of the cream and milk mixture.Them more graham crackers. Continue the layer until you used everything.
I actually saw one online that is made very nice. It looks like the ice cream sandwich you buy in the grocery store. But this is how I …

Mango Float

They are in season now a days. I am talking about mostly any fruits. Here is my version of mango float that similar Filipino goes gaga about. Like I mentioned in my previous post, the sugar in this recipe is the killer. I can have this maybe once a year and I still prefer just plain mango anytime.

This one was taken after a few hours in the freezer. You can see the cream and milk mixture are still runny.This one is taken the next day, when frozen.

It turns out that DH love it. The only complaint he got was the taste is not even. He still wanted to make ice cream with the same ingredients. I can't wait to see how it would taste.

I Am Back

Alive and kicking again. Sickness caught up to me when I forget to take care of myself. It happens when I am doing too many things at once, trying to be a super mom. Well, it didn't work at my end.

Let's talk about mangoes. I went to my local grocery store last Thursday with 4 kids in tow, and I found Asian mangoes. They are selling it 10 for $10. While I was putting 10 in the bag, I was thinking what they do to it to sell it for less than the other stores. However, all I wanted is to eat some mangoes and my worries went away.

I looked for some recipes online and found "mango float" and "mango pie, and I choose to make the mango float. Can you imagine eating Graham crackers, condensed milk, and heavy cream in the same seating? I eat sweets but not all bad food in one Anyway, I made it and wow, it's like eating pure sugar with mango flavor. That is too sugary for my pallet.

I only used one mango because looking at the ingredients, I was pretty su…

Update From "In My Kitchen" Sicko Cook

Yes I am, I will sure come back when I fell better, 100% better that is. I am doing this right now because this is my 4th day in bed. I was bored for the first five hour and we are talking about days here. Anyone want to visit me and cook me some sinigang? My family is lost when I am sick. My house is a mess, I refuse to acknowledge the mess right now. I need a maid!!! Badly.