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Plain Yogurt

Remember my home made chicken pieces I make for my ever picky child? Yes, the same exact one, I made it better. I marinade the flatten chicken pieces at least overnight in yogurt and honey Dijon mustard (the flavor my child like). I saw it at one cooking show on PBS. He said that it leaves the chicken tender and juicy. He wasn't kidding.

In addition to tenderness and juicy, you can really taste the spices you put in them while marinating. My child likes them more than before. If I can only add more vegetable variety in his diet, I will be a very happy mother.

The Kitchen of my Dreams

The kitchen of my dreams, yes only in my dreams. Unless DH and I figure out how to do a kitchen remodeling, that we can easily afford. I love the traditional styles with light wood color cabinets. Can you imagine how much baking I will be doing with the below examples? You will not get me out of that kitchen.
Every time I wanted to use my kitchen counters; cleaning is a must. Cleaning as, removing all the appliances on it before I can do anything. Even the cupboards that I have, are not enough to hide everything. I enjoyed viewing the example from this website. Just looking at them is enough for me, as for now. Maybe when our children are bigger, we can eventually try remodeling it with their help.
We can also add a pantry when we do. I don't have to go down the basement when I need something. All the things I needed will be in the kitchen, where it should be. The pots rack we have will fit perfectly on top of the sink just like the picture above. I can't wait! Ok, back to brow…

Canned Dry Goods

I read this from one of DH emails. This is suppose to last 20 to 30 years. I will let you know in 20 years if they really last. We are storing food for rainy days or at least enough for one year for a family of six.

I need to buy more jars to put everything I saved (dry food) so far. I have three packs of these jars. One pack with tomatoes and and the rest are below. Now I need to find room in our pantry for these.

They used to lived in a buckets with lids. These actually is half of one bucket. I will be needing a lot of these jars...whew! They are unbleached flour, Quinoa (really good for human), and seven grains mix (hard red wheat, oat groats, tritcale berries, dehulled barley, rye berries, soft white wheat, spelt berries).

Oh, btw, sterilized jars. Filled with dried food (nothing oily), set them on cookie sheets, open. You can place four cookie sheets in the oven. After placing everything inside, set the oven on 200°F and leave the jars inside for one hour. When done, used a mitten t…