Monday, February 21, 2011

Kosher Recipe

No, this post is not about kosher recipe, but looking at kosher recipes. This is my very first time cooking one, and I don't know if I have to follow everything to the bone or substitute them with something.

I am not bashing the kosher recipes but some of the ingredients on some of the recipe I found was a killer. Literally can kill someone when they eat enough of eat. I know about the "boiling a kid in its mother milk." However, our rabbi was nice enough to explain it too us.

First we are not converting to anything, because we are nothing to begin with. We (my whole family) wanted to learn the other side of the story (the easiest way to put it). We don't mind learning about Islam if someone is willing to teach us about it too. Our rabbi is in the same phase with us about the government and other organizations that are made up to control people.

So, the phrase "boiling a kid in its mother milk" was pertaining to the way women cook a long time ago. On Kosher meat I pretty much do it when I was living with my parents, except for pork...yuck! That is what happened when your elder did it while they are alive.

So, on Saturday after learning some words from the book of high almighty, we ate together. We jump from books to books, and chapter to chapters and it took forever. Anyway, I decided before going to this study to bring Brisket. I don't think the meat is kosher because there are blood all over it. And yes, it did not say kosher on the tag. I cook it the easiest way or the less ingredients as possible, because I don't want to add non-kosher with the dish. Our rabbi did not have any problem eating it. I am not saying anything, simply stating he is not hard to please, and he puts everything in perspective.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

I Been There

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of PBM Products. All opinions are 100% mine.

Can you feel the tight hold of our government on everything we do these days? Well, if you are these hard working people of this country, I can say you're lying if you say you don't feel it. They are so much talk about how much it will cost you to have a child in this world, come on. Do you really put a price bringing a human life in this world? As the Savior once said, "Go Forth and Multiply." He did not mention how much it will cost you, because you do not put a price on a human being.

You can shop around for Bright Beginnings diapers online or buy on buy on Why buy something you cannot afford and pay a hefty price later? I have been there, and I know how hard it is to provide for little children. Some parents only provide the bare necessities sometimes. Couples working and saying cannot afford to have children, well you have to pick which one is more important. To be able to go on holidays twice a year to have children whom they always dreamed of having. Most of the time they will pick the initial than latter.

Peoples' priorities had changed dramatically over the years. Don't even get me started with marriage because people seem to do it for the wrong reason. Hey, I am not perfect and very far from it. I am trying to be a good individual here. I am just making everything better from what I did the year before. I am more spoken about the right and wrong and don't follow what was established but what is right.

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Red Snapper in Sour Broth

In short "Sinigang na Isda." While eating this my DD keep on asking me about it. She said the broth is sour, but she keep on sipping it. She wanted to eat some fish but she does not know which part to eat. I said if you feel something hard in your mouth spit it out and do not eat any bones. To make the story short, she opted out eating it and settled with the broth.

I also told her that the fish is not very fresh just like the ones I used to eat when I was little. What kind of fish are fresh in my local grocery store? We far away from the ocean and I am pretty sure most of the seafood they sell are not fresh. I miss my island life.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


You would think a well traffic eatery in a town should accept credit card for the convenience of their customers, not all of them. Some owners would say it is too expensive to have it, and they don't earn enough to use it. Others simply don't want to accept credit card payment. Knowing what I knew now, I can't really blame them. It is their establishment and they can do whatever pleases them. If they want you to pay them eggs or chickens, you must, because that is what they accept.

Yes, it would be an inconvenience for people like me, because I hardly used cash, since they invented debit cards with Visa and MasterCard logos. I can use it as a credit or debit card. I am bad at remembering things, so I use it as credit most of the time.

Who uses cash these days? Yes, I know, someone will say, "I do, all the time." Well, majority of people nowadays doesn't. These eateries should get a restaurant merchant account. Serve more with merchant account providers. They are offering a limited time offer with free setup, free application, free programming, same day approvals, free technical support, free internet check software (for those who love to write checks), free shopping cart software, and next day funding available. If this is what you are looking for, please follow the link I provided and check their rates.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Asparagus And Tilapia

Little bamboo I called it, the first time I laid my eyes on them. It was my first time shopping in the US grocery store 21 years ago. I love them, especially with hollandaise sauce. However, I cook it with butter and olive oil most of the time. In the other dish is broiled Tilapia with ranch dressing marinade.

Moreover, what is the urine smell after eating these little bamboos? I search online and found out that I am not the only one having the asparagus scent in urine. It's like eating jackfruit. Well, jackfruit have a sweet smell because it is a fruit.

Anyway, study said that some people cannot smell anything when eating asparagus. I don't know if I can say it is a good thing or not. I really don't mind about the urine smell, as long as my family does not complain about it. Flushing the toilet right away eliminates the odor.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

What's Up With EC

There is a note on the top of my EC dashboard saying that the EC bot cannot locate my widget in my blog. Well, guess what my widget was been here since I added my blog into their system. I cannot drop in my inbox either.

I apologize if I cannot return all your drop if you drop in the last two days. Can someone enlighten me with the EC issue. Thanks.