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On Regular Food

PIL have been in our house since the storm Sandy. Plus, DH and I decided that they should move in with us, which they did. Well, more like FIL did, because every chance MIL get (in her non dementia mind) she asked if they can go home, however, she doesn't know where that home is (dementia).

Every time I cook something I will asked everyone if they want any. MIL will always say, "No." Sometimes I get tired of asking, and if I have any left over, I'll put it on a serving dish and put it on the table. Without being ask, she will eat it with no problem. So, I learned that every time I cook just put the food on the table and she will eat it. Even desserts. DH always asked her if she wants any, her answer is and always will be "no." However, minutes later she will grab a plate from infront of her and starts eating and tasting anything in front of her.

So, that's that. I will not ask anymore. :D

Can't Decide on Food Mill

DH started another order at Amazon, and I am looking for things that I needed in our kitchen for our next year harvest. Yes, thinking ahead. I am planning on planting a lot of tomatoes to make tomato soup because I cannot find any at my local grocery store without high fructose corn syrup. They have some but DH do not like them with basil and other stuff.

He likes the original recipe. And today I am looking for food mill. OXO food mill came on top, but the most expensive. Others looks doable but  a lot of waste food from what I read and do not push a lot of food through. I think my first job to do is visit my local flea market in March or April when they first open to find things that I needed in the kitchen on preserving. I still have a lot of time, because tomatoes will not be ready until July or August next year.

I'm still hoping for apples and other fruits preserve from my backyard. Winter last longer this year, I hope less for next year. Plus, we don't have "pick you…

Whew, Internet Sure Make Everything Easier

I only have a few minutes to update. We are sharing DH cell phone unlimited internet, so I might as well write something here...:) He connected the phone to my desktop and the speed is doable. Like my title said, internet makes everything easier for me. I made cheese cake over the week, and for the life of me I can't remember the sugar measurement and I don't have the recipe written.

Good thing DH came home earlier than usual and I was able to look up this blog for the recipe. DH scold me about not having internet. My answer was, "I am tired telling the children to slow down with youtube." Besides I got plenty of time cleaning and rearranging the house. I kinda like it, I have so much time to spend on house work than sitting infront of my pc. I even sorted the childrens' toys over the weekend. Before, when we have internet, I just put them in a container, who cares.

Have a great weekend everyone.

No Internet

Yap, my cable company quit on me. My children watched too many movies and youtubes and our only cable company let us go. So, the only way I can update my blogs is thru my local library, which I do not plan on going and using their internet. DH have unlimited internet on his phone but he is always at work and meetings. So, that is that, we don't have any plan getting the internet back after the 30 days period that the cable company said that they will re-consider. More time for me to do some sewing and canning...woohoo I can't wait...NOT...ha ha h ha ha

CopyCat Fish Recipe

Salmon with Pesto & Vegetables 
I saw this recipe from an Asian blog, and it look very tasty on the Anyway, I did enjoyed my first try, but my family is not big with fish that has bones and skin. I end up eating this for a week. The next time I make this, I should only use one piece and more lemons..i.e. slices & juices. The other blog also use a foil to cook them. I am not big on foil while at home, maybe when camping in the woods I can use it. However, I do not cook fresh items when camping, unless they are potatoes or corn by itself. Have you tried roasted corn on camp fire coals?...One word...yummy! :)

Fast Food, Healthy?

When exactly did it happened? Conversation start when DS and DD told their grandparents that they are not hungry, let's just go home instead. DH was very proud because they mostly eat at McDonald (my children that is).

MIL said, "hamburger is hamburger where ever you buy it." Of course DH and I had been, DH answered, "no." A hamburger that came from a grass feed and free range cow taste VERY different than the one that came from a cow factory.

Then she (MIL) proceeded that they also have salads that are healthy. I chimed in and said, "do you eat anything there?" She said, "I only drink their coffee." Me answering, "if their salad is healthy how come you never eat them?" And I drop it after that, because she started talking to DH on how tasty the burger somewhere they used to live. Plus, like I said before, FIL is a very nice man and I don't want to trouble him about what his wife is saying.

If MIL is hungry enough she will eat …

You Decide

Yes, it is your decision to drink wine or not. Like I said before, I heard and read that there are many benefits from red and purple grapes. The healthy antioxidant they offer are good for human consumption. Read about it and you decide. Knowledge is power my readers. Arm yourself with knowledge.

Waffle Recipe

Yes, I am ready to share the recipe I like the most. I apologize but I cannot remember where exactly I got it from. Whoever made this recipe, thank you so much.

1 1/2 c. flour
4 tsp. baking powder
2 tsp. sugar
1 tsp. salt
2 eggs, separated
1 3/4 c. milk
1/2 c. melted butter (1 stick)

Mix all the dry ingredients. Use a whisk to mix.
Whisk the egg whites until stiff.
Add the milk and egg yolks to dry ingredients, mix.
Then, mix in the melted butter.
Next, fold he stiff egg whites.

I can make 15 waffles from this batch. I have not perfected the cooking time, like you can see they have different shades. Anyway, the most important part is, my children like them. Yes, I made 15, my children ate 5 before I can take a picture.

These came out of the freezer already. I was going to put it in a Ziploc bag for tomorrows breakfast.

Eye Trouble

Yes, I think it came with age, or too many online games. Whatever is the source it isn't good for me. I had been seeing black spots after being outside a lot. No, I do not see them while outside, but when I finally decided to inside the house. I am not an optometrist, but I think it is because I wear sunglasses a lot without prescription. You know the kind, the cheapest one I can find in the store.

I will have to get an appointment very soon and get my eyes checked. I can hear my husband now making fun of me for wearing them. I already know what shape lens to get. Did you have a hard time choosing the right glasses for your face? As for me, I pick the shape that is the opposite of my face.

Myhusband in another hand neededanothereyeexamevery year.He'sbeenusingprescriptionglassesaslongasIknewhim.Hewearsthemmorethannotthesedays.Whichbeforehewasdoingtheopposite.This is the outcome ofmother'snoteatingnutrition'sfoodwhilepregnant,inmyopinion.Hegotsomanyhealthproblems,andhisdi…

Summer Fruits & Vegetables + Strange Bees

I can't wait going to my local farmers' market's and buying fresh vegetables and fruits. Nothing can be compare to them. I just wish that my seeds are growing. I will be a much happier camper.

Our friends of ours was waiting for some bees and queen for the new stock this spring. However, it was sold out before they can add the quantities into their websites. In my opinion, it might have something to do with back orders.

Anyway, within a few days, his father pointed out to him a swarm of bees on one of their backyard tree. I think those bees ran away from the website where he want to buy some I know, wow! He does not even have to wait for them, and the best part, he does not need to pay for them.

They came in on their own, because the bees knew he needed some.

Apple Breakfast Lasagna

This is a guest post by Dennis Consorte
Apple Breakfast Lasagna is a fun, fresh take on breakfast that’s part breakfast and part dessert. It has all the calcium and vitamin A you need plus some iron, vitamin C and protein. It’s a popular kid-friendly favorite that adults will enjoy as well. Easy to prepare in under an hour, this dish is definitely worth a try. To make this “lasagna” you’ll need several sweet and savory ingredients including 1 cup of sour cream, 1/3 a cup of packed brown sugar, 2 pkg. (12 slices) frozen French toast, ½ lb. sliced boiled ham, 2 cups (8 oz.) Colby-Jack Cheese, divided, 1 can (20 oz.) apple pie filling and 1 cup of granola with raisins.  This unique mix of ingredients complement each other nicely from the ham and the cheese to the brown sugar and French Toast.
This delicious dish is easy to prepare, so feel free to enlist the help of children for a fun family project. Start by blending the sour cream and brown sugar in a small bowl and refri…

Polvoron/Short Bread

Here they are. I made these a few times now. And until now, I can still fine the molder here in the US. Amazon actually suggested to use the mini-muffin pan but how do you actually remove it after being mold? Drop really hard upside down? Then the mold will go back to powder. I have to ask my parents to pick one up for me back home. DH still complain that I still make it very dry. He likes it with a lot of butter, way more than the recipe was calling for.

Oh yea, I wrapped them in different color tissue wrapper. They are the same flavor.

Next To Nature

My family's lifestyle change dramatically in the last ten years or so. I am more careful on what kind or brand of products to buy for the whole family to consume. I even started to make my own laundry detergent. There are no product in my cupboard that has high-fructose corn syrup in them. It is hard, but I had to keep reminding the whole family that everything I do is for the better.

My husband and I are looking for grapes to plant in our backyard. We would like to make our own spreadable grape and wine. Have you read that grape wines contains flavonoids which have antioxidant? Any antioxidant is a friend of mine, and a glass of wine a day, keeps the doctor away, I always say.

I am not a wine drinker; I think of drinking wine as taking a multivitamins. They are far better than some of multivitamin in the market these days. You need to be very careful and stay on course of what you think is healthy. Furthermore, let me clarify that not all natural ingredients are nourishing. Knowl…

Corn Muffin/Bread

I had the recipe for this for about 2 weeks now, and I finally decided to make them. I got the recipe from DH friend. This recipe include some sour cream and his friend put some Italian twist to it. Not perfected yet, because he hand wrote the twist, and he forgot to add the cooking time.

I cooked it the regular way, and way too crunchy for me. DH, in the other hand enjoyed them.

Below was the way I am supposed to cook it. I kinda missed this part, but since I only have two muffin pans, the left over got thrown in 9x13 pan. Which I am supposed to use. The one below I liked a little because I drizzled it with some honey. I will post about this again soon, with the recipe of course. Enjoy the not so perfect corn muffin/bread for now.

Dreams come true

Authored by Greg Fletcher

My dreams were finally right in front of me, Corbin’s Coffee shack and lunch; the huge sign read of my newly bought and furnished café’. I had saved for years and worked many unpleasant jobs to be able to hold this one. I had everything in place to open the next day. I went down my checklist for sandwiches and chips at lunch time, and then made sure I had everything for my espresso machine. My husband reminded me I needed to contact cable tv for business owners and line up music channels for my new shop. He reminded me coffee lovers, loved classical music. I got my music lined up for a day of success. The next day at 9:00 I opened up for business, I had a super busy day with many happy customers. At lunchtime my café was packed you could hardly weave yourself through the people. Many were working on work things and school work. The music made for wonderful background noise. My dream was official I had created a place that everyone in my hometow…

Tortellini with Spinach

DH had been bothering me about cooking tortellini for a long time. However, he can't remember what flavor he used to eat when he was little. So, I got tired of waiting and decided to buy three cheeses to start with. It turns out it was the one. I only bought it this time. I need to research or read on how to make this before doing it myself. It's probably easy, but I don't work well now a days when children are all over me while trying a new recipe. I have to wait until DH can do something with them out of the house. Anyway, here is my version. Boiled tortellini, sauteed garlic and onion in olive oil, add the tortellini and spinach. Stir, serve with Parmesan cheese on top. 

Perfect for Any Occasion

Spring, yes, it came early for us this year. I love it when my family can enjoy the outdoor after winter. I sent out picture of my whole family to those who I haven't seen or have never seen relatives of ours. I think it is a delightful gesture to remember us by. I wish I can send them gourmet baskets from, but my fund is limited.

I used to send something like above when I was still working. My sitter to my oldest son got the most of it. I wanted to give her gratification because my son spent more time with her than me. I wanted to show her that I am particularly thankful for what she was doing. In the end I hope she realized it.

I did asked my son if he was treated nice, and his answer was yes. You can never be too careful with other people. The horror stories other parents encounter, I saw one on television when we still have cable. I can't put my children through that. It's not worth the money. I rather die not having things I wanted, remember …

No Milk and Process Food for Fifteen Days

My family is a big milk drinker. When DH and I bought our second and third child to have a bio-magnetic therapy done, they were forbidden to consume milk or milk products and process food. That was fun, because they are very picky eater. Furthermore, I have to read every ingredients on things I am preparing.

One of them will never touch shrimp with no melted butter as a dip. The other one was a little easier even though there is not much to choose from. I had to buy rice chocolate milk. They liked it the most. I even tried giving them the very nutritious & healthy hemp chocolate milk (which by the way very expensive) but they settle with the rice.

During this time, DH and I had to pick and drop-off my oldest son. Well, we don't have time to set in a nice restaurant when traveling and we got our food from a fast food chain. There is not much non-process food on those places. If they only eat salad, everything will be find, but of course a big fat NO.

While at home, I can find some…

My Brother Angel

Post contributed by Alfredo Gaines

When my brother told me that he and his wife were moving to Phoenix, Arizona, to be closer to their only child and her family, I was sad. I have always been very close to my brother and now that we are both older and our children have flown the coop, so to speak, we sometimes gather for coffee in the morning or cocktails in the evening and talk and stay connected. When we were younger, and I was a single mom raising two daughters, he did all the handy man jobs around my house, including my yard work on the outside. I do not know what I would have done without him. I don’t know what I will do now. I will be lonely and miss our weekly brother-sister chats. But I certainly understand their reason for moving. Arizona is absolutely gorgeous too. I visited my niece and her family once. My sister-in-law talked with her daughter about helping them get settled into the home they had purchased out there a few weeks earlier. She checked out to…

Fruit Trees are Flowering

I am looking for plenty of canning to do when fall comes...hopefully. Most of my fruit trees survived winter. The only ones that has no flowers as of yet are the apples. The peaches are doing very well and the very first ones to flowers. Then there are plums, and one of the pear. I wish for the bees to pollinate them.

The weather is pretty nice and should (I hope) continue to next week. That's plenty of time for the bees to wake up and start sucking nectar from the flowers. I am crossing my fingers. I need to buy more jars and collect some recipes for the fruit trees on how to preserve (or the best way) them.


The article written by Alonso Kramer

I used my clear wimax internet connection to book a reservation for dinner tonight. My husband called me at work ( which is unusual) and asked if I wanted to go to dinner tonight. Usually it is really hard to get a reservation on a Friday night without booking something way in advance, but today when I got on, it was much easier than I thought. I booked a reservation at the Wild Grape Bistro. It is right around the corner from our house. From the outside, it looks like it is located in a strip mall type building, but the food is actually really fabulous. I also like how they put out coupons every week. Each time that we have been there we have had a buy one entrée get one entrée half off. It really makes a difference with the bill. They also allow you to bring your own wine selection and just charge a corkage fee $10 a bottle. That means that you can drink fine wine and not have to pay huge prices for it at the restaurant. It is nice …

Some Bubbly on your Table

This is a great gift in my opinion. Just make sure the people you are giving it to love the taste of wine. I heard a glass of wine a day is healthy for human, especially grape wine. If you have someone in mind who will enjoy wine, try Wine Gift Basket. Yes, they do deliver to all 50 states. I have a few associates who will definitely enjoy these. I'll have to find out what kind they like the most first. And yes, they savor it with their dinner too.

Brought To By, Purveyors of Fine Wine and Champagne

Plain Yogurt

Remember my home made chicken pieces I make for my ever picky child? Yes, the same exact one, I made it better. I marinade the flatten chicken pieces at least overnight in yogurt and honey Dijon mustard (the flavor my child like). I saw it at one cooking show on PBS. He said that it leaves the chicken tender and juicy. He wasn't kidding.

In addition to tenderness and juicy, you can really taste the spices you put in them while marinating. My child likes them more than before. If I can only add more vegetable variety in his diet, I will be a very happy mother.

The Kitchen of my Dreams

The kitchen of my dreams, yes only in my dreams. Unless DH and I figure out how to do a kitchen remodeling, that we can easily afford. I love the traditional styles with light wood color cabinets. Can you imagine how much baking I will be doing with the below examples? You will not get me out of that kitchen.
Every time I wanted to use my kitchen counters; cleaning is a must. Cleaning as, removing all the appliances on it before I can do anything. Even the cupboards that I have, are not enough to hide everything. I enjoyed viewing the example from this website. Just looking at them is enough for me, as for now. Maybe when our children are bigger, we can eventually try remodeling it with their help.
We can also add a pantry when we do. I don't have to go down the basement when I need something. All the things I needed will be in the kitchen, where it should be. The pots rack we have will fit perfectly on top of the sink just like the picture above. I can't wait! Ok, back to brow…

Canned Dry Goods

I read this from one of DH emails. This is suppose to last 20 to 30 years. I will let you know in 20 years if they really last. We are storing food for rainy days or at least enough for one year for a family of six.

I need to buy more jars to put everything I saved (dry food) so far. I have three packs of these jars. One pack with tomatoes and and the rest are below. Now I need to find room in our pantry for these.

They used to lived in a buckets with lids. These actually is half of one bucket. I will be needing a lot of these jars...whew! They are unbleached flour, Quinoa (really good for human), and seven grains mix (hard red wheat, oat groats, tritcale berries, dehulled barley, rye berries, soft white wheat, spelt berries).

Oh, btw, sterilized jars. Filled with dried food (nothing oily), set them on cookie sheets, open. You can place four cookie sheets in the oven. After placing everything inside, set the oven on 200°F and leave the jars inside for one hour. When done, used a mitten t…