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Free Time

Hard to believe but yes, once in a blue moon I get that. When DH takes the children with him and decided to sleep over his friend's house at the last minute. I realized that not having children in a big house made it so quiet, you can her a pin drop.

And this is what I do when this free time comes along. Our kitchen in order and spotless. It stays like this until they got home...hahaha.

I love cleaning when no one comes and ask me to do other things than cleaning, just the way I am.

3C's or Folded Cottage Cheese Sugar Cookies

A dear friend of mine I chat with almost everyday told me about this cookies. She works for an Arab family in Dubai. One day one of her college students she sits, brought a friend home and made this cookies. She took a picture and I like what I saw. She said she didn't get the cookies name. So, I Googled folded cookies. I found some pictures.

I asked my friend what are the ingredients the person used. All that stand out was cottage cheese. Today I finally found the correct one I wanted from Olga's Flavor Factory. She called this "Soft Farmer's Cheese Cookies."

With mine I omitted the 2 tablespoons of cold water and I used small curd cottage cheese (juice & all) instead of Farmer's Cheese. I have to check my local grocery store for the latter. I have never seen it before, but again I wasn't looking for it.

Oh Really

Someone used my picture on the first year I established this blog. He cropped it to make it not noticeable. Come on really? You can't even drop me a line saying "can I borrow/share" or at least give me credit for what I work for. Really Mr. Mendoza?

Walk-in Pantry

Yes, DH and I finally finished our walk-in pantry after 2 years being in this house. Money is the big factor in doing so. There are not much here because these groceries came from my kitchen. I haven't bought any extra food yet, because there is no place to store them. The buckets are dry beans that I am supposed to transfer to some jars. Remember my post canning dry goods? Yap, these dry goods are continuing procedures. I put all the dry beans I buy and can them when I have enough to do one load inside the oven.
This is actually an "L" shape stock room. One side is our pantry, the other is our classroom stock room for extra books and school/office supplies. There is another shelf right around the corner that cannot be seen in the picture. And I got these shelves from amazon for $60 with our prime shipping. We bought 6 of them.

Another Accomplished Recipe (part 3) Special Ensaymada

Today for Willa's one year anniversary at Food Trip Friday, here is my entree "Special Ensaymada" from my kitchen. This is a lot of work to make however, I was able to make it.

I think they call it special because of the cheese in the ingredients. (who

I added white cheese and creamed butter with sugar. My family did not like it very much. Like I said there are only 3 of us who ate it. I still have 4 left and I put them in the freezer for later.

The recipe called for 20 pieces, but being sooo sticky and soft I was able to make 18 pieces. Below it what it looks like after taking it out of the oven. The dark speckled are the cheese I mix in with the dough.

Below is what they look like after making the spiral and rising for the fourth and last time, before going into a 350°F oven for 15 minutes.

The recipe can be found in my previous post and read about my mishap also. I will make this again when I have fellow filipino guests in my house. These are way too muc…

The Back Door

As I mentioned before, painting it red and I did. You can still see the yellow pot on top of my freezer. The boxes on the left/in front of the freezer are the two extra shelves that need to go to DH office and to the laundry room. The brown door is our walk in pantry. Across from the pantry which cannot be seen here is our laundry room.

The painting was done around August. Please excuse the forehead print on the glass... :)

Spanish Bread

Well not actually a bread, but sweet. Yes a very sweet bread just like banana bread. Great with tea or coffee.

Another accomplished recipe. If you want the recipe you can Google it "Spanish Bread" recipe.

Preserve Roasted Bell Peppers

These bell peppers took forever to grow, fruit, and ripen.

I been wanting to make roasted bell pepper cream sauce. Hopefully I can finally make it this winter.

I sliced them after roasting and removing the skins. Stuff them in jars along with sprigs of rosemary fresh from my garden also, garlic, and filled with olive oil. Keep in the fridge before using.