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Olive Oil and Butter Mushrooms

Here is another easy way to make a quick meal. Slices of mushrooms in olive oil and butter with salt and pepper over pasta or rice. I used button mushrooms here, you can use any type of mushrooms you like.

Let Your Imagination Go Wild

Well, not with this ride (no imagination needed, you can ride it in real life) SeaWorld is opening their newest Manta “the flying manta ray ride” on May 22, 2009. This is a very nice ride to check out on your Memorial Day vacation. We have a few relatives living down there and having a place is not a problem at all. The problem is the time to spend away from home. I’m pretty sure my kids will love spending a few hours watching a lot of manta rays and other sea creatures over 3,000 of them to be exact in their 360 degree underwater view by climbing the pop-up aquarium.

Visit the site to participate and win. You can choose an activity like Manta quiz, take a picture with “I heart Manta” sign and upload it to Flickr. Send a referral to three friends the link is provided for you. Take a video of yourself telling the world how excited you are about the new attraction and put it on YouTube. Make a Manta mask put it on and take a picture of you then put it on Flickr and Tweet about this on tw…

Shrimp in Butter

I love shellfish and even if my local grocery store does not sell wild caught seafood I still buy them once in the blue moon. I need my seafood, if I can't have this once in a while I'm be looking like an egg by now. Yes, that's right I eat more if I don't eat seafood.

This is cooked in butter, there is no head because DH will not eat it unless there is no eyes in them. I just put the shrimp in the pot add the butter and done. Sometimes I add more than enough butter because I like the broth with my rice. Yummy, I can live in seafood anytime.

Wood Burning Stoves

This is how we used to cook way back when I was little. With a homemade wood burning stove. Actually ours is made out of cement with metal bars. And use wood for cooking. My father used wood for cooking until today and he swears cooking in an open fire makes the food taste better. I believe him because one of our friend here uses wood stove to cook and he can also tell the difference.
From Flicker He is actually having dilemma on what to use in warmer months. They also use the wood stove to warm up the house during winter months. I guess they have to cook outside in the Image below is the newer version of what they have. I would like one just like this one. We use to have wood burning stove for heat but DH gave it away because we have to buy woods to heat up the basement. We bought a propane stove to replace it. We are both saying "why did we gave it away again?" We were not thinking back then. And this image below is very expensive, I like it because I can stil…

Preserving Eggs

I've done salted eggs while I was in high school. We used chicken eggs and the batch we boiled I think 2 were cracked. Now I read that duck eggs are the best to use because the shell is harder to break.

I also read that somewhere in the Philippines they use clay to wrap the salt and raw eggs. Keep it indoor for about 15 days then wash, cook and should last about 40 days. That is a very short time when trying to put away food for a year use. Maybe it will last longer inside the fridge. But if I don't have an electric it can't be done.

Maybe I can try doing pickled eggs instead. I haven't try them and I don't even know how they taste. However, if they need to sit in the fridge to become pickle that will not do either if there is no electricity. Is there any other way to preserve eggs? How about the quail eggs I find in Asian store, anyone know any other ways to process/preserve eggs?

Clay Pots for Cooking

Clay loaf mold
I still remembering growing up using clay pots for cooking. Then came the aluminum pots and my family had one clay pot left. Now I know how horrible those aluminum pots. My grandmother from my father side and my grandfather from my mother side has Alzheimer. My parents are both old now and not showing any yet. I'm hoping they don't get it bad.

This is a roaster from here

As for me, I have a chance of getting it too. I think I used those pots since I was 6 years old until I moved out (in the late teens).

Anyway, I wanted some of these clay pots again. The below image was how we cook when I was little. Then eventually we upgrade to charcoal. However our clay pots has lids on them. We don't cook in the open fire with no lids. The ashes can go straight in the food without it.

Image from Internet
I want some of these too. I read a study that cooking with clay pots are good for our health. I like the clay baking dish too, maybe I can find one that is big enough to cook …

Manual Grinder

My parents have the following grinders. Actually my mother still use the flat one (top image) in making rice cakes. Like you can see these are manual stone grinders. I wish I can ask my parents to send me one, they probably can, but can you imagine how much the shipping with this heavy thing. I will settle with one of this however, I prefer both.

Image from Internet
This one can grind coffee beans, cocoa beans, dry corns and rice. This is the very first grinder my parents own. They bought the above image later when all of their children are grown up. maybe I can ask my cousin to put it in his luggage and send it UPS when he gets to his home in Iowa. I bet that is cheaper than mailing it here from the Philippines.
Image from Internet

This is another kitchen tools must have when the economy goes under. This is added to my wish list.

4th Prize Winner

Thank you so much to the sponsors who sent me the prizes for winning the 4th prize at AskMsRecipe. However, for those who did not send credit yet, please do so. It's not fun winning when I can't have my winnings. If you already send credits and not mark here let me know.

1st Submission winner: In My Kitchen receives 759 Entrecard Credits from Blog Contest Station ***paid

3. In My Kitchen won the Star Crayons from Mama’s Little Monkeys***emailed and contacted me today. However, I don't think I will get the gift because I still don't have it until now 5/15/09. Since they already got what they wanted with the deal they are done. If I ever host a contest I'll make sure that everyone will pay up. There is no fun when prizes are never delivered.

4th Place Receives 13,500 from the following Sponsors:

* Doi Speaks 2000 Entrecard Credits***paid
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Homemade Chocolate Chips Cookies

You probably read my post about DH made an experiment on a chocolate chips cookies recipe. Since it did not turn out good, I had to make a batch the correct and old fashion way. Here is the picture and everyone is entitle to grab one. This one don't have nuts, we don't like nuts on our cookies. Enjoy.

One of These Days

We have one winery very close to our house and I always jokes around with my husband that we should go there sometimes without the children and do a wine tasting. They offer are a few days a week for free, and something to do just the two of us. First his was brought up against drinking, second he would tell me that he doesn't want to drink a rotten fruit juice and basically come down to "NO".

So, I am thinking that since he does not want to go, maybe I can invite a few friends to go with me on my birthday and go there. I don't know anything about wine however; I would like to learn about Wine Pairing and such. You can see a few home made recipes here in my blog with wine ingredient. Furthermore, I am willing to learn more about using wine for cooking. I am always in awe seeing these professional chefs using wines on their food. Moreover, forget about asking me to order wine with food, you might loss your Thank goodness for, they tell yo…

New Sunglasses

Whenever we (children and I) go somewhere my kids seem to end up playing with my sunglasses. Furthermore, when I put my bag next to them by mistake or simply not thinking or inside the shopping cart with them, they always end up with it. They love to dig into my bag and see everything I have in there. Anyway, my pair had it after a few months. Sometimes they step on it and the lens comes out. You think?,,,lol I really need a new pair.

I am not getting younger, and I need to take of my eyesight. I can’t drive outside without sunglasses, because I am having hard time with the brightness. I don’t have to worry when it’s cloudy out. However, I hate cloudy day. I found a nice pair of Lucky-Brand online at Zappos. It is a 100% UVA/UVB protection, and it includes a protective case. You will not believe how much scratches my old pair has just by not having a case for it.

They also offer Lucky Brand items such as men’s and women’s clothing, women’s hand bags, jewelries and accessories. I have an…

One HDTV a Day Sweepstakes

Yes, you read it right. For the whole month of April, you can win one of 30 22" Samsung flat HDTV from Charter or one grand prize of 52" Sony Bravia HDTV plus Sony Home Theater System and Digital Cable with HD for 12 months. What is the catch you ask? Continue reading below.

Well, all you have to do is buy any services they offer, and you are automatically entered in this sweepstakes, or by simple registration. They carry high speed Internet connection, digital cable connection and phone for your home. Why pay three bills when you can get the whole package from one company? Not only that, when buying services like cable, Internet, and phone bundle you get a free $150 gift card. With the cable and Internet only package, you will get a free $75 gift card and with only internet package you will save over 40%.

They are so many chances to save money with these deals. With the gift cards and 30 flat HDTV's to be won, I could say you can save big time when buying the above servic…

Meal #4

Another meatloaf dinner for us. This time with mash potato, gravy and yellow corn. Talking about food made me hungry. I better get something to eat.

March Top EC Droppers


Clothing Shopping While on Sale

Is there any other way this time with our economy? Locate some coupons online too when you have a chance. Everything counts adds up towards our savings these days, don't you agree? I have done just that in the past few years. I wait for a sale or clearance and buy what my children needs in every size I can find.
Just check out the images I posted here. We all know how girls love dresses, I am so happy I only have one. She likes to dress up for any occasions and even there is no occasion. I got them from Sears this time. Have you been there yet? If not they are offering 75-80% OFF ORIGINAL PRICES ON FALL & WINTER APPAREL from now until April 18th. If you have children like me that grows out of their clothing size in a year you better stock up on clothing.
At Sears you will find clothing for the whole family. My boys (kids and hubby included) need swim wear for the summer except for my youngest one. He gets the old ones from bigger siblings, and that alone save me money. I don'…

Manual Pasta Maker

Image from the internet

I wanted one, it will be so nice if someone can ask me to make a review about one and as a form of payment I can keep the item. However, I am hopeful to get one someday. I am planning making my own pasta and using all natural ingredients for healthy eating. I wanted manual just in case our economy totally go under and I can't afford to pay the electric to my house anymore. At least we can still have manually made pasta at home. I would also want to have all kinds of attachment for different kind of pasta. Or I can save up for it and buy it myself, either way I wanted one.

Maybe I can lose some weight making my own pasta