Sunday, March 27, 2011

Anything Salad

Anything I like in it salad, is more like it. Butter and garlic croutons, breaded chop chicken, carrots, Romain lettuce, and my favorite salad dressing...creamy Cesare dressing. My tip is to make a whole lot for a meal, make sure to eat it within 10 minutes. Yes, a little hard to do myself, however the point of eating it all in 10 minutes is because salad is very light. If you only eat a little, you will feel hungry right away.

And if you past 10 minutes, you can't eat it all because your stomach feel full. So, you need to eat it fast to trick your stomach to eat all of it. I hope I make sense here...ha ha ha.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Fish Sticks

This one is taken with no flash. Please remember these are home made food. I do not care if they don't shape like sticks. They are still fish, DH and children eats them. And that is all what matter to me.

And with flash.

My secret with the batter...baking powder. I got myself a new deep fryer nice big one too. However, I don't know what the coil is made out from. For all I know, it is made out of aluminum...they advertise these things as chrome to look commercial. I rather goes for what materials they used to make the inside of the damn thing. I've so many years not using that is made from that and tiplon (SP?), now I am frying and heating oil with it..grrrr!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Iron Chef is My Favorite Show

Author: Joseph Sandoval

Baking shows are very popular. There are many reasons that can be given for this current baking show craze. Many people may say that it is because people need to cook food for themselves to eat and this means that they like to learn new tricks and can relate to people who are trying to make great dishes. There are a number of great baking shows that are currently on television.

My favorite show with a baking theme is The Iron Chef. The Iron Chef is an extremely popular production of the Food Network. People find the intensity of this show hilarious and exciting. This is not a warm or fuzzy show like many of the other baking s! hows. This is a baking show for real men. I love to watch it on my satellite TV that I got after reading up on this DirecTV Offers Information. Some of the things that make this show so goofy and weird are all of the dubs, subtitles, and voice-overs that they use. Chefs battle one another and try to be faster and more original. These chefs wear strange and very elaborate jackets that make each of the competitive men look individual. When the special ingredient gets revealed, they begin their showdown and start a cooking free for all.

The Iron Chef is an extremely entertaining new take on the baking show. There is nothing else like it on television.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

The Cakes

This is from the bridal shower.

And this one was from the wedding. A very simple cake.

I did not like any of them, but they are nice to look at. I like my homemade anytime...:))

Monday, March 7, 2011

Hello Blogging World

I am deeply sorry for not returning EC drops and posting here. Yikes! Where did the time go? Might be stopping the weekend holy book learning, I am not learning anything new but learning to look down on other beliefs through the studies. I don't want to learn how to look down on others and the differences on how they interpret it worries me. Everything will be much easier if we all follow the "golden rule."

I am with the kosher way to butcher animals and what animals are kosher, but other than that I am pretty much the same as before. Not all kosher products are good for human consumptions. That is my opinion and will stick to it.

I will be posting some cake pictures (2) from my niece bridal shower and wedding day. Everything happened within a month. Looking forward to some great nieces or nephews. She is the second niece from DH family who is married. The first one is not planning on having any children. She will be putting un-natural drugs (birth control) into her system before finding out that they are not good for humans.

Anyway, thank you everyone for all the visits and EC drops during my absence. I still have a commitment next week for my child state testing, so, I maybe MIA again. That would be 4 days next week. I'll be driving about 45 minutes to an hour one way. I may be staying and just wait for him to get done along with his siblings. I hate state testing. It has nothing to do with the children but a lot to do with the school and teachers. Why do the children have to take the test to find out how the school is doing their job? It's like testing a dog if it will chase a cat in the yard to find out if the owner is teaching the dog to behave.

Ok, enough of that. I need to start cooking new recipes again. Running out of new recipes. I should try making crackers to keep my children for eating not healthy ones from the store. Have a great day everyone.