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My Husband Wants One

I am talking about a popcorn machine, and that is one thing that I will never make if he is home. I told him if you want popcorn you need to make it yourself. I have plenty of duties around the house as it is. When the kids ask for some, I always tell them to go ask your father. Though, I don't have any problem making it when he is not home.

Furthermore, he does not like the one that you will find in your local stores, he said it is too messy, and he can only put a little popcorn at a time. He likes the Concession Equipment type, to make one batch that will feed all of us. I don't blame him, the home version is too little for the family size such as ours.

They have plenty of equipment if you are planning about opening your own concession stand. I don't mind having Shave Ice Machines for the summer months. One of my favorite summer treats is "halo-halo" meaning mix-mix in English. I can have all the toppings I wanted, just like the way they make it back home.

Before …

Short Ribs Sour Soup (Sinigang) with Vegetables

I still have plenty of short ribs from a friend of ours. Most of my roast recipes came from him too, including one recipe of meat loaf. It did not take very long to make it tender, and I removed the bones. Can you see the fat on my broth? My Dad would say that it will keep him warm during colder months. I did not bother skimming it because I know this meat is organic, and people a long time ago ate with this type of diet. Please remember that moderation is the key. I don't eat like this everyday, and I do try very hard to eat a mixture of food.

I ate my first bowl with nothing. I enjoyed sipping the hot broth and the sourness cleared my throat very nicely. The green vegetables came from my vegetable garden. No, they are not fresh, they were blanched and freeze from last summer or two. DH use to eat them but if he is not hungry, he will not eat anything he is not familiar with.

I used the tamarind soup mix you can buy from any Asian store. There are also the guava soup mix, and san…

Staying Healthy

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of All opinions are 100% mine.I have heard a lot of people say that the holidays made them gain weight. Not if you only eat when you are hungry. If they are so worried about gaining weight, why do they keep on eating? I can't stress enough that moderation is the way to be healthy. I don't have tools or counters, but simply self discipline, determination and knowing what food to stay away from.

I know not every individual have the same drive like I do. Others can care less about their own health, and they needed other people to push them to be healthy. Individualize or customized plans will be perfect for some. However, you need to care for yourself before others can. Show others that you are willing, and I bet you will get the help you needed.

Moreover, is one company that can help you get where you want to be. They are here to find balance in your lifestyle, help you to eat right, lose wei…

Copy Cat (moi)

I got the recipe from Ms. Gene of Tasty Exploration. I made some substitutions because I am so sure that DH will not eat anything with fish sauce in them. Instead I used Worcestershire (I can never pronounce sauce. This sauce have fish sauce in the ingredients. The rest of the family loves it (including me), but not so much for DH. I told him this one will replace the pork adobo. However, he declare that he loves pork adobo better.

I used the beef cubes I bought from our local grocery store, I think I have to try cutting it smaller next time. He said it's a little tough for his taste. The smaller cut he likes. So, going back to the drawing board with this one. I will make it better for DH to like it more. Thanks Ms. Gene for sharing the recipe for this one, it will definitely added to my weekly menu. Oh yes, this is called "shaking beef".

Manual Pasta Maker

I can finally get one of this. Now that I am getting one, I don't really know which one I wanted. Do I go for the price or how they are made? Do I have enough time to make the pasta we needed? Or am I wasting money if I go with the expensive one?

I don't really want to buy a very expensive one, then finding out that buying pasta from the store is better. It seems that with manual pasta maker you can only make certain pasta, not like the electric competitive. However, I am looking at this a great investment that I can pass to my daughter.

The images I include here is what most appealing to me. Both have a great reviews but too pricey for my The top image is Imperia Pasta Maker and Chromium plated steel. The second one is Atlas Original Italian Pasta Machine, this one is stainless steel. And yes, extra attachment is sold separately. Both pasta maker is over $85, plus the extra attachment to make different kind of pasta. Both came with spaghetti and linguine/fettuccin…

Valentine's Day Sugar Cookies

My second entree for FTF, hosted by Willa @ Food Trip Friday.

This was made with the help of four little ones. You can't believe how hyper my kids were after having some of this cookies. The recipe can be found here in my blog under "Sugar Cookies". We made this last Saturday just for the event. Please help yourselves.

Just Like I Thought

Do you remember when I told everyone what we are giving my mother in law for Christmas? Yes we gave her the enclume pot rack, and guess what, it is still in the box. I have mentioned last week that we are going to visit, but it did not fall through. My husband friend canceled because his son was sick, and my husband decided that we should stay home as well.

We are supposed to stop at my parent in the law house to hang it for them. Furthermore, my father in law was sick for about three weeks, and he has not seen the kids that long. One of these days we will finally make it there. Not to mention their driveway may still have a lot of snow. We don't have a four wheel drive to drive on it. It makes me wonder on how she will like her new enclume potracks.

She keeps everything and hopefully with this new enclume pot racks, she can free some of here cupboard and hide the things she keeps forever. They have a 4 bedroom house and there are only two of them. Mind you the house and the garag…

Sausage, Eggs & Cheese Breakfast Burrito

The sausage that I used is made from beef (remember we are cleansing our soul), but I don't know what part. At this point, I don't really want to know. This post reminds me of Spam retro images I saw not too long Anyway, this one is very easy to make.

Heat the sausages and set on the side of the pan. Add some butter and scramble the eggs. When the eggs are almost done mix the sausage while cutting it with your spatula while mixing everything. I like it mix than just putting on top of each other. You can add salt and pepper if you like. However, I don't have a need for those because with butter and sausage, they are tasty enough for me. Furthermore, I added shredded mozzarella cheese before wrapping them up.

Updated version with Sweet bell peppers.

The next time I made some, I will add some sauteed sweet bell peppers. I like some kind of vegetables in my breakfast. My DH will settle with burritos with no sweet peppers. What do you like in your breakfast burritos?

Fish Lover's Must Have

And I am one of them, fish lover that is. Meaning I love to eat them not trying to protect them to those who wanted to eat Did I make you confuse yet? The first image I own since I live in NC. I'm not very fond of fishing, but I love to eat them (kosher ones of course). This one works well and very sturdy. However, if you must scale your fish inside the house with this thing, I am warning you that you have a lot to clean after.

The image below, I must ask, does it really work? Is it sturdy enough to do a big job? I think the only way to find out is to buy one and try it out. Unless someone has one and can tell me how it Yes, this one is a little pricey of $14.00 each. The above cost less than $1.00, I found one for $0.49, but like I said you got some cleaning to do, unless you do it outside. Neighbors will be looking at you funny doing the fish cleaning outside your house, you think?

I would like to learn how to fish and fillet them. And how do they…

My Style Breakfast

Wow, I have not noticed until I upload the picture here that the egg is big. We are buying them from our local farmer and these are the large ones he sells. My mushrooms fried rice came out of a round mold instead of just thrown into the plate. This is how I like my breakfast, heavy and it keeps me full until lunch time and sometimes after lunch too, when I drink coffee with it. Don't get me started on what I put in my for me of course. However, if I don't drink a cup in a day, I can't finish my children lessons without taking a nap.

I try very hard to eat breakfast, it's the most important meal of the day. When I can't, I attest, I eat a lot more than usual. Breakfast is a must for someone like me. I also like it heavy to last longer.

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