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I Love To Watch CNN in the Morning

Author: Jonathan Suarez

There is no greater pleasure for me than flipping through the directv channels and checking out CNN in the morning. Getting caught up on the day's events, and what might be coming down the pipe helps prepare me for the day while I sip on a cup of coffee. The anchors and reports present the facts in a professional and somewhat entertaining manner, and the show varies topics enough that a half hour or so is usually enough to figure out what I may have to research more on the Internet later in the day. Basically, national and global newscasts, like CNN, provide a sound basis of just about everything going on.

Of course, larger newsworthy events get focused on much more. This expanded coverage allows for an in-depth look at a given situation. I can always count on CNN for an unbiased report, and the reporters almost always ask the right questions. It is nice to watch my favorite news program without it trying to skew itself into entertainment. First thing in the …

Food Trip Friday Entry

Vegetables in coconut milk with My parents always make this when I was little. Yes, with rice, I can't eat it without rice...:))

One version of cheese steak that I like, mushrooms and onions. Sometimes I make it with red/green bell peppers and onions, or mushrooms, onions, lettuce and tomatoes. It depends what I have available in the fridge or my garden.

From My Vegetable Garden

This is my very first harvest in my garden this August? yes, I am not very happy about it either. I should be in the end of harvesting season already. However, I am still happy because I can have some fresh veggies that I love, even though there are too little of it.

Some type of squash, okra/lady fingers, sitaw/long/string/yard beans with shrimps. This shellfish thing will bring me to hell...argh.

Below is my DD showing how long some of my sitaw are. All natural soil, the only difference from last year was food scraps from my kitchen mixed with the soil.

You will find some of the pictures in my other blogs. No, I do not copy it, I own them both...just to clarify if you find the same pictures somewhere...:))

(In need of ) Ketchup Recipe

Our neighbor knocked on our door yesterday and gave us a lot of vine ripe tomatoes. I haven't really made ketchup yet, and that came to mind when I saw how ripe they are. Now I found plenty of recipe but I don't know which one to pick. I like it to be thick just like Heinz ketchup. If I make something not that thick, it will end up in the garbage and my work will be wasted.

So, which recipe would you recommend?

Sushi Newbie

Guest post written by Kathryn Myers

I never tried sushi until my freshman year of college. I’m originally from a small town and there was one Japanese restaurant there that offeredsushi, but I wasn’t crazy about the food so I never braved trying it. But once I went off to school and found a great little sushi place near campus when I was looking up local eateries with myblue internet service Oregon.

I’m basically a regular there now and always chat up the employees when I go there for a meal. In the spring semester my best friend from home was visiting and I of course wanted to show her a good time so we found a movie to go and see through wild blue and direct tvand then after I took her to the sushi place.

At first she was really unsure and skeptical. So I told her to order a California roll and got an order of hibachi chicken for us to split just in case she didn’t like it. But she ended up liking it once she got used to the concept!

Milk Bottles

These are half gallon milk bottles we are using to get milk from our friend. They have farm animals and their cows are giving too much milk for their own consumptions. We barely pay anything, because I know the work done milking a cow is a lot more than $3 a gallon. We like to pay them $5 a gallon but they don't want to accept it. So, I try very hard to go there with no change and just give them the money I came with, usually $10.

We are very thankful that they give us milk or trust us. We will do the same if we have cows and if we know our neighbors are nice and will not get us in trouble with FDA. By the way, the milk we get from them are raw and sometimes still warm. mmmm, nothing compare to warm milk (natural) before bedtime. I know some cannot drink raw milk. I cannot tolerate dairy product when I came in this country, but drinking raw milk prove it wrong.

My new brother in law was having digesting pasteurize and homogenize when she married my SIL. Now, he drinks raw milk and n…

(Samot-Sari) Anything Goes

I was missing the grill corn from back home and I made my own version; roasted corn in my toaster oven. Yummy!

This is my homemade chicken pieces for my ever picky children. Honey dijon flavor chicken pieces.

And here is the cake from my Uncle's 50th wedding anniversary. Decorated with golden leaves for 50th, the golden anniversary. Actually my parents celebrated their 50th 3 weeks before this one. My mom called me up telling us to come. If only they are walking distance or even 1 day drive we could come. But it will cost us about 15K and at least 1 week off work for DH...oh how I wish...

Ok, you know what you need to do to view more FTF entry, below is the link.

What Kind Of Recipe?

Like I mention on my regular post earlier, I wanted to know what this dish called. It has crab meat, shrimp, rice and white creamy sauce. I don't know if the sauce have white cheese on it what. Usually I can taste the saltiness if there are some, but one has sweetness in them.

I did try locating it from google search by typing the ingredients and I got a lot of seafood/shrimp & crab casserole. Is it the correct one? Please let me know because I wanted to make some. DH love it too and it is very hard to find a dish that we both like. This one can save my time in the kitchen preparing one dish for the whole family.

Let me know, ok?

Have you Notice?

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of PBM Products. All opinions are 100% mine.

I would say that most parents with newborn should have, and those who are looking for formula brands to use for their babies. When I had my oldest, they have a different kind of formulas, and I can't even remember if the stores have this kind those days. Yes, they change their look but the product is the same, and the formula is still offering complete nutritional value for baby's health and development. The same DHA & ARA to help support brain and eye development and meet all FDA (we all know how I feel about them) guidelines.

New packaging does not make me buy anything, unless I know it is good for my children. However, with Parent's Choice, they made it easy-to-read product along with age and benefits. Cleaner look than before I may add. Walmart is selling this for the same price of $11.88 just like before. And for those of you (like me) don't have time to shop in the sto…

Making Chocolate Cake Today

From what I was told (lol) my birthday was yesterday. And DH today and our wedding anniversary tomorrow. I am graving for any type of shellfish (I know I will go to hell for eating it) and DH promised that we should go out this weekend with no kids if we can find someone to watch likely not. I told him we should just go to our local grocery store and buy some live ones (not locally grown..sad), ask them to boil them for us and take it home and enjoy it in the comfort of our home.

However, we both agree a long time ago that it isn't the same as going out. Anyway, we were at relatives gathering this past Sunday and they have this imitation crab meat, shrimp and rice with white creamy sauce. I forgot to asked them what they call it. I looked online and it is more likely a seafood casserole of some-kind.

If anyone know what it is, please let me know. I would like to make some with regular crabs of course. It was very yummy and I went back for the 3rd DH …

Made Locally

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Ramblers Way. All opinions are 100% mine.
A friend of mine was very surprised when I told her about the things I do now a day. My family has a vegetable garden in the backyard, and we try to buy other vegetables in our local farmers' market. They are fresh and yes, we do help them by buying vegetables from them. They may be some difference in price, but I rather gave my money to them than a big corporation driving small businesses out of business. Furthermore, nothing can compare to the service they gave the locals. I know I have been there many times.

It worries me because I can't find products Made in America anymore, even the United States of America's flag is not made here, how sad is that? Can you find a shoe-maker in your town? I can't and that scare me too. How about one day, these corporations decided to stop sending us products from another country? What will you do then? I don't know anyone that can make t…

More Mangoes

Again, thank you FIL and Uncle George for these mangoes. Uncle George for growing and bringing it to my FIL house from FL, and to my FIL for taking it to my house. I have given 4 people so much of these. Sorry Vicky, I can't mail it to you in

Here are 3 boxes full of Apple Mangoes and Tropical Mangoes. I am surprise they grow in FL. Maybe next year we can visit our Uncle and take home a lot of it. The only reason for me not having enough to go around is, they are too far away. Plus, they are too old to travel that far. Thanks to my other Uncle who lives half way in NC. I think they drive until they get in NC. Then stay the night and continue on to NJ the next day. I can't thank them enough for doing this for me.

I Need My Coffee

I can probably say (by now) that I am addicted to coffee now. Why you ask, because I get a headache if I don't drink at least a cup of my favorite coffee a day? It wasn't used to be that way, but in my age, I need an extra boost to get through the day. I will be taking one nap a day if I don't, and I can't afford to take a nap, especially during school days for my children. I have a job to do, and they need to spend certain hours a day with their lessons. I used to drink everyday when I was still working. However, I stop with no problem when I stayed at home. It's not the case anymore.

It is another story with my husband. His been drinking coffee when I met him, and he still drinks a lot until now. More when he is home than working and yes, he gets the headache too when he doesn't have any access with them. Like when he goes camping and always forget to bring his instant coffee. They are getting fancy now a day, they almost look like coffee pods.

I bet he will n…