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Big kitchen is still unusable. DH and carpenter is moving very slowly. I hate it.

Our New Big Kitchen

Here is one side of our new big kitchen. Actually, there are three kitchen in our house. One at my in-law suite, another at ODS (wearing a dark hoody & dark pants in the pic) bedroom and this one. We gave him a studio style bedroom.

Wood cabinets and wood flooring. We did the floor over night with no sleep, then we moved all of the appliances and furnitures on day break. I haven't done an allnighter since I was in my twenties. It was very tiring. The dishwasher, refrigerator, separate upright freezer, hood/vent, range/oven are already in place. Even the dining set are already in the kitchen area.

Right now it's very crowded here, I cannot put everything on its place because we are waiting on the counter tops. Plus my pantry is full of DH tools. I'm not in the mood to move them in the basement (yet) because he needs to build some shelves down there.