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"In My Kitchen" Homemade Pizza

I cannot believe how easy is it to make a pizza from scratch. I used 3 cups of flour, 1 packet yeast, some sugar, 1 tbsp olive oil, and 1 tsp salt. I dissolved the yeast in 1 cup of water with a little dash of sugar. Then I mix everything, and knead for about 5 minutes, made it to a ball and cover with a little olive oil. I let it rise for an hour and cut the dough in a half. I stretched the two pieces to fit my cookie sheets. I added sauce, shredded mozzarella cheese, and some pepperoni slices. Baked in 450°F oven for 15 minutes and here is my finish product.

This is my very first time making it, in my whole Two of my kids enjoyed it. DH said that I needed more sauce and cheese. I was having second thought actually before putting it in the oven. I was looking at it and thinking that maybe more sauce and cheese will be needed. Sure enough I was right all along. Since this is my very first time making it, the next time I'll make sure there are plenty of the sauce and che…

Outdoor Kitchen

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Werever Products Inc. All opinions are 100% mine.
I have posted about outdoor kitchen a long time ago but this post is not about the way we cook in the olden days. This is how we can use our outdoor space for our kitchen, extending our living space out. I do love the idea of extending the living space out but when you live in the cold North like me, you can only enjoy this a few months a year. However, I can enclose the outdoor kitchen and make it all season and can be use all yearlong. I do love the idea of having a grill in my kitchen and have grilled food all year round; they are much healthier than any other method of cooking, in my opinion.

All the materials are built with solid marine-grade polymer and back with lifetime warranty. They stay looking new with maintenance free outdoor cabinetry. They are easy to put together and withstand temperature changes. You can call or email them with your customize detailed design to fit yo…

Freshly Bake Rolls

This is my home made rolls. The same recipe I used to make the dinner rolls I posted a long time. I only omitted the sugar and this time I did not cut them into small pieces. My family loves this when they first come out of the oven. Nothing like it they say.

This one is ready to be bake.

Just came out of the oven, can you smell it? The butter melts as soon as it touches the bread.

Stress Free Holiday Cooking

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Club House. All opinions are 100% mine.
I only started hosting Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner when we bought our house. Before then we always go to my sister in law’s house for these occasions. I never cooked turkey or ham before then either. I am not very fond of turkey or chunk of ham, but I will eat them just for these occasions. Before the first event in our house, I had to buy a whole chicken to practice with. I followed every direction and the chicken came out perfect. I was pretty proud of myself getting it perfect for the first try. And yes, I have been cooking holiday dinners from then.

I brought the gravy in a can and just add water stuffing because I don't want a messed-up. The gravy and stuffing are still not perfect until today. I just learn about using the pan drippings from gravy tips video at Club House Gravy. And guess what; I will use the drippings from this day forward. Holiday is very stressful enoug…

I'm A Mud Pie

What is mud pie made of anyway. I have not tasted one before but somehow my answers turn as a mud I should start looking for a recipe and make one to taste. The only mad pie I knew is from the yard when the kids play on muddy dirt and made one from it. I know there are big difference but I think Oreo mud pie would taste really good.

You Are Mud Pie

You're the perfect combo of flavor and depth.

You are overpowering and dominant - and that's what people like about you.
You bring energy and a new direction to most interactions.
People crave you in a serious way. You're that important to them.
Those who like you give into their impulses.
You don't represent reason. You represent pure temptation.
People get addicted to you rather easily.
You offer people a dark side that is very hard to resist.

Buko (Young Coconut ) Soda

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Jones Soda. All opinions are 100% mine.
Ads are very powerful tools to get messages across, to make the difference in this world. Those who can afford it will have a wide variety to choose from. If I can afford it, I will use myJones custom soda to educate the public about our government. This will not be a gift but a handout for the public in every gathering. Each can or bottle will have messages in them, telling what is wrong and right in our society. With every different variety comes the different message. And the flavor I will use is Buko, this is not well known but everyone knows it as young coconut.

I will name it simply “Buko soda” and it comes with different variation. The picture above will be part of the logo along with a tropical scene. The flavors will come from anything we can use the Buko for. For example, Buko pie is very popular right now in my country and that will be one of the flavors. Furthermore, regular flavor …

My Family is Boring

And yes I like it that All seven of us like chocolate and when it comes to birthday cake chocolate is always the pick for us. When I used to buy cake for birthdays in our household, I always buy yellow cake. Those are long gone because they are never gotten eaten. They are just full of air and very dry.

Now that I discover Hershey chocolate cake, I will never go back. I always make chocolate cake with chocolate icing. And it has usually gone the next day. We are done with a birthday for this year, and I am not making one again until May for my DD. The image below is our DS having his 9th birthday in the beginning of December.

How about that krueger

Have Fun While Helping Others

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Wheat Food Council. All opinions are 100% mine.
I have used whole wheat flour in some of my recipes in this blog. The consistency is a little heavy, but it works the same. I have used it with my sugar cookies and dinner rolls recipes. Remember I mentioned before that I wanted a grain grinder before? Yes, it would be nice to grow my own and grind it myself. My parents grind their grains when I was little, and I think it’s the best way to be healthy. However, there a lot who don’t have land to plant something and rely on their local grocery store for everyday needs.

I am talking about wheat because I wanted you to visit “How Wheat Works”. They are running an interactive program to educate us on how wheat gets to our local grocery store. You can virtually plant wheat, each of four phases takes a few minutes to complete. For each participant, the Wheat Foods Council will donate two pounds of flour and up to 90,000 pounds to Operation Homef…

What Kind of Drink Am I

Lol, interesting result. It sounded like I can't make up my mind, very moody is more like Somehow, I find it very true just the way DH talks to me...Ok, now be

What Type Of Drink Are You?Grape Juice You are sad sometimes. And dull others. Sometimes you are always happy and others you don't want to be talked to. You are different every moment.Fun quizzes, surveys & blog quizzes by

Fresh Bake Chocolate Chips Cookies

Now that you have some hot cocoa, here are some cookies fresh out of the oven. I think we need to wait a little because it's kinda hard to pick it up when it's this soft. I like it best when they are chewy after cooling down. Please help yourselves to have some energy I mean cookies while shopping for Christmas present. And don't forget to grab some hot cocoa to keep you warm.

Hot Cocoa with Whip Cream

Another cup of homemade hot cocoa to warm up the regular visitors "In My Kitchen". We have plenty of whip cream left from Thanksgivings and I am trying to get rid of it fast. Have some and stay warm my friends.

Save Even More with Charter's Daily Deals

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Charter Communication. All opinions are 100% mine.
So, who got everything they wanted for less during the Black Friday sale? I’m sad to say that I didn’t because I don’t have the gut to be in a very crowded store. We shopped online instead of driving around and looking for nice deals. Plus, I hate the traffic on Black Fridays. And for those who are looking for electronics like iPods, camcorders, TV, GPS, webcam and photo frames; you might want to check out Cyber Monday at Charter for Charter's Daily Deal Web Site. And yes, you can win any of them by signing for a cable, internet and phone service, online or mail-in entry.

There are also gift cards from major retailers in electronics, clothing, home and restaurants. I don’t know about you but I can always use the savings and free things this holiday. They offer different things everyday and there are plenty of chances to win each day. You may have known about the sweepstake’s prizes…


I forgot to reopen this blog before going to bed last night. A few of my regular EC droppers sent me messages and I did not get a chance to read it just now. Mother/teacher duties comes first. I usually drop under "cooking and dining" and one blog came up asking for a password. It turns out it was mine. I was like, what! I guess when I tried turning this on last night, I must have miss the button.

I was thinking going to bed early tonight and good thing I didn't. Whew! Here I am thanking the traffics for my bandwidth exceeding and today I only have 10 visits. Aya-yay, please don't get mad, my brain was very tired

My Apology

I was just wondering how much traffic I received today because my images exceeded bandwidth from photobucket. I have to find another free images hosting to return my images.

Thank you so much for the traffic. This never happens before. I am very glad for the traffic and sad at the same time because my blog look so bare right now.

"My Kitchen" Top EC Droppers


Another Must Have for My Kitchen

After I win the kitchen makeover I need to update my kitchen wares too. Like my post below for pots and pans, some new appliances like range top, refrigerator, dishwasher, upright oven, coffee maker and other kitchen appliances. A new stoneware dinner ware set with matching canisters, serving ware, and drink ware that would be heaven, which can be use for special occasions. Well, dreaming these days is still allowed, right?
Then I will make coordinating linens from table cloths & runners, napkins, towels, placemats and straight to my kitchen from oven mitts, and pot holders. My whole dining and kitchen area will be so colorful on every Thanksgiving and Christmas alike. That would be too much work changing and rearranging everything but I think it will be worth it.
Everyone will praise the way I decorate every bake Food and my kitchen. But then again, I might have to take some classes about food decorating before that happens…ha ha ha. It is so nice to dream about things I wanted to…

I Am Longing For This

I am talking about the ruffoni copper cookware, the image is below. So, if you are very generous this Christmas I would like one. The one set that we have right now have the same price for one of this. If money is not an object I would love to buy a set of them. They are one of the materials for cooking ware that is good to our health. Maybe buying the one we can use often will be doable and affordable.They also have ruffoni copper molds for cakes, pudding, jelly and casserole pan. Leaving healthy in this country comes with a hefty price. And if you want to be healthy you better watch what you are using for everything. This is included on our long lists of healthy products to have in our home. I rather have a quality product, not only they are healthy for me but we will definitely get our money’s worth.

I know there are other healthy products out in the market however; I am just putting it out there for everyone to choose from. Free market is always good because you can pick which is …

Homemade Fries & BLT

I usually use baking potatoes for homemade fries. They are longer and my kids loves it. And that is good enough for me. BLT with the works and this time I put mayo in mine. I don't buy the iceberg lettuce anymore, plus I like the Romaine lettuce better because it is greener than iceberg. Anyway, this one is for you.

My Inlaws Christmas Present

I can’t remember anymore how many times my mother in law made a comment about my pot rack. They are not as nice as enclume potracks but it does the job and it goes well with our tiny kitchen. Even her sister commented on it when she came to visit us for the very first time. She lives in Brooklyn but my husband is not that close to her mother side of the family.

So, for Christmas my mother in law will be getting enclume pot rack with free installation included from my husband. I don’t think my father in law can hang it himself since he is old and they have a very high ceiling. If my husband will not do it for them, this thing will collect dust or just get buried somewhere and never be found again.

Anyway, her cupboard is filled with so many things and sometimes we can’t find what we are looking for. At least with enclume pot racks, we can see pots right away and she can stuff her cupboard with other things that she doesn’t us to see. Did I mention she keeps everything?

French Toast

An updated version from last week. Like I promise I will take a better picture and better presentation and I think I did a better job this time. And I used sour dough bread this week.

This one with only powder sugar on top.

With powder sugar and maple syrup.

And yes natural maple syrup is the best.

There is nothing compare to bacon cooked in their fat and maple syrup. I could not even finish two pieces of toast. They are very heavy in my stomach.

Professional Kitchen Wares

That is what I wanted to have if I ever win a kitchen makeover from some company that I put an entrée for. Hey, I may not win but dreaming is always good when done properly…lol. Having a big family is like owning a small restaurant already. It should be open from when the children wake until they go to bed. Unless the restaurant can close when the time for them to close, I can’t. And I believe I deserve the best professional cookwares out there, right honey?

I may not be a professional chefs but I can cook like one. Everyone knows that having restaurant grade equipment will sure last longer, just make sure you pick the best just like wasserstrom restaurant supplies. Where else will you find China sets for more than 12 people? You will not find it in your local department store, well not in mind. And I’m pretty sure you will find this in some specialty stores.

Are you thinking about opening you own restaurant or café? Think about Wasserstrom, you will find Chefs uniforms, Restaurant supp…

Chili and Cheese Baked Potatoes

A really good recipe when you have left over chili. Just bake some baking potatoes and top it with butter, chili and shredded cheese or sour cream whichever you prefer.

Have You Ever...

At times I get into this craving when I only wanted to eat nothing but vegetables, fruits, sour soups, salty, pasta/grains, and meat. And I also notice that my kindergartner is the same way. Very weird because we are supposed to eat with a mixture in the food pyramid. Mostly the vegetables and salty stuff I eat on the summer months.

My son in the other hand can go with everything on the table, to nothing but cereals and crackers, then meat, and potatoes. It's like a cycle. Anyway, I thought I would share my observations. TTFN.

Thank You My Droppers

Eight out of ten made a drop 31 times during the month of October. Thank you so much, "In My Kitchen" appreciate all of your visits and drops on my widget, even though I moved the widget lower or the lowest part of my blog. See you all next time!