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Dandelion Jelly

I recently joined some group online. I'm not really active on any of them but I do learn a lot. And this is one of them during spring this year. Everyone was talking about picking dandelion blossoms and making it to anything they enjoy.

And since I haven't tried dandelion jelly before, I told myself, why not. I even gave one jar to one of my DH co-worker because he said he heard about it and wanted to try it. I am very eager to share especially to the young generation that knows a little about wild plants medicinal benefits.

I picked about a bucket full, removed all the greens (well sort of), seep in hot water over night and made the jelly the next day. I could have easily made two batches, but since I am the only one who tries anything around my household I only made one batch. You can find a lot of recipe online, I don't have to share one here. My recipe is only mine because I'm a little rebel when it comes to my own usage of can or preserves items.

Lastly, make su…