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Yema Pastillas (Filipino Recipe)

Do you remember the Yema cake I made a few weeks back? Well, i can't think of anything to do with the extra Yema cake frosting so I made this. A sweet milk candy. Pastilla is another Spanish word we inherited from Spaniards. Pastilla is Spanish word meaning "PILL." It makes me wonder if they used this to make children in the very early years to take their pills. 😄😉 Wrapping them in a sweet milk candy before giving the pill.

Cheesy Chicken and Broccoli Pasta

Thanks to for this recipe. I've change the recipe a bit because there are way too much pasta than the chicken and broccoli. Four member of my family can eat this as part of our weekly menu.

Chicken Cordon Bleu

By the look of my creation, I did not pound the chicken thin enough. It's still too thick. I had to fry then finished cooking it in the oven. The pan frying did not reach the middle. The taste is still the same. I think I cut this too soon. I cannot see the cheese inside 😁, it might have oozed out.

My family rarely helped when planning on what to eat. And then I always end up a week supply of lunch or dinner because they do not like what I made. Two of my children will taste it. One will always eat anything, he's twenty-eight years old. And the other three will dig up anything they want from the freezer.

Caramel Apples

Yummy!!! My youngest son loves them, but complaint about his jaw hurting while chewing the caramel. We went apple picking over the weekend. I told everyone to pick the biggest ones they can find. Was I wrong with that. I should have told them to pick small ones. One apple is way too big for one person to eat when covered with caramel. 😁

Yema Cake (Filipino Dessert)

They said it is very popular cake nowadays in the Philippines. I wouldn't know I haven't lived there for for many decades 😃. I only remember yema sweet candy. It's made with egg yolk, condense milk, and chopped roasted peanuts. "YEMA" is spanish for yolk. We inherited the word from our spanish conquistador. 

Shrimp & Asparagus in Creamy Pesto Sauce over Pasta

When I get tired of the same dish, I tweak it by adding anything I feel like eating that day. 😄 I know I am not the only one? Am I? I grew up eating vegetables and I do love them. When we go out in a restaurant, I always pick a dish with a lot of vegetables in it.