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On Regular Food

PIL have been in our house since the storm Sandy. Plus, DH and I decided that they should move in with us, which they did. Well, more like FIL did, because every chance MIL get (in her non dementia mind) she asked if they can go home, however, she doesn't know where that home is (dementia).

Every time I cook something I will asked everyone if they want any. MIL will always say, "No." Sometimes I get tired of asking, and if I have any left over, I'll put it on a serving dish and put it on the table. Without being ask, she will eat it with no problem. So, I learned that every time I cook just put the food on the table and she will eat it. Even desserts. DH always asked her if she wants any, her answer is and always will be "no." However, minutes later she will grab a plate from infront of her and starts eating and tasting anything in front of her.

So, that's that. I will not ask anymore. :D