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Travel To 7 Continents

Thank you ms Weng for this tag. And for always passing tags to me to increase my technorati. You are such a nice friend to have and to keep. Stay as sweet as you are.

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IT Certification From Cisco

My husband joined the IT professionals in the late 90’s because he enjoyed working with computers. He wired our new house and set up our networking system because we have a few computers at home. He also takes some jobs on the weekend as a source of extra income for us. But he feels that there are so many changes happened since he become certified and would like to take some classes to enhance his knowledge and still hoping to land his dream job, and maybe owning a networking company someday.

He is looking at Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP)Cisco certification programs and trainings online. He already tests himself with the ICWS animated quiz online, and also watched a few videos available.

If you wanted a career change try Information Technology (IT). Join others at Cisco learning network. Cisco is the leading development of Internet Protocol (IP) based networking technologies. They have their own virtual learning center online for those who are working students or those who…

Where Are My Props?

This is what happens when I don't check Socialspark often. So I had to check the forum and look for the discussions about it. I never liked it in the first place because people only add you in exchange for props. Actually one person in my friend lists asked for one and didn't even bother giving me one.

I like it now, that i can report this people.

Make A Difference, "Be A Team Captain"

The Alzheimer’s Association of North America is having a Alzheimer's Memory Walkthis fall. They are looking for any volunteers of all ages to do a 2-3 mile walk on a weekend morning in the fall. This would be a nice event for my son. He loves to volunteer for a cause and he belongs to many clubs in his school. I checked online if there is any started but no luck. He is still on vacation but as soon as he gets home I would recommend starting one.

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Sweet Potato Tops

Steamed sweet potato tops (talbos ng kamote). I have saute sardines in olive oil and onions to dip them in. Yummy, btw the tops came from vegetable garden.

Pork Kabobs

Kabobs or as we call it back home barbecue. My DH call them pork on a stick. I usually cut the pork into a long strips. Like you can see half of the stick is covered with pork strips. I got this idea from the rest stop somewhere between Guagua in Pampanga to Olongapo Zambales (I can't remember the name of the town). They sell these same kabobs. Thick and wide cut, I never liked the one they sells at the street in Olongapo. They were really thin and small.

Anyway I marinade this with the mixture of soy sauce, black peppers, powder onions and garlic, and some lemon juice or calamansi (philippine lemon). Or if you don't have any of those I put some 7up in them. Actually that is my secret I buy a can or the smallest bottle they have available. And no we don't consume soda. Then you brush your favorite sauce when done. With this ones I used banana ketchup made from Philippines. I like the mix flavor of tangy (pork marinade) and the sweetness of banana ketchup.