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Need to Replace

This pertains to mostly every furniture we have at home. I did our kitchen chair cushions and covering when our children are still little. You know what happens when they are being used all the time, know it, right? They get dirty and well,.. the padding/cushions get less cushiony. I also made a mistake buying the new cover on them, because I match the curtain which has blue flowers on white. With children using it on every meal, I came to a conclusion that is not very smart.

Lucky enough our dining table does not use vinyl tablecloths. Did you know that the fork can go through anything when they don't want to eat? I would have change that thing once a week, and don't get me started with butter knives...:)) They used it as a saw. They are getting big now, and they can comprehend a lot of things too.


I think it's time to do some updating especially in the kitchen and dining area which we use a lot. It would be nice if my husband can add some more kitchen …

Too Much Sweets

My family have enough sugar that will last them until Halloween. As for me, If I eat that much, I should be fine until next year. Whew! DH was craving for cake, so I whipped one up after dinner Saturday. We have such a nice dinner and I agree, I did feel like having sweets.

Sunday came and DD was complaining because we didn't do egg hunt. DH was supposed to go out and buy some candy, but instead he stayed home Saturday evening and download some movies for the whole family to watch (X-Men four movies). So. I went out today grocery shopping with our two children, and I bought pounds of chocolates.

For the celebration of new beginning, I got my whole family sweets and some summer clothes. They are happy.

I was thinking about cooking a lamb (easter-n-all) but I am sure I'm the only one who's going to eat it, and even roast. They are happy with the sweets, and I am glad because they are happy. That's all matter...right?...:D :D

Enjoy It Inside or Out

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Photobucket is Back

Actually, it came back yesterday. I didn't have time to return the code and I just did it today. Thank you for understanding.

Have a great weekend. My children and I are on spring break for a week, starting today around noon. They got done with their lessons early.

Excuse my blog for being bare

Photobucket is doing maintenance and all of my background images are not showing so I removed them. I will return them as soon as they are done playing with the program.

Rice Noodles/Vermicelli

I found this at my local grocery store. This saved me a lot on gas, because I don't need to drive very far away to enjoy the food my parents use to cook when I was small. The ingredients listed are rice and water. Less is better for me, but then again, if they used less than 1 percent of something it will not be included with in the list.

We (my family) been to NJ yesterday, and we passed the Asian Food Market in Plainsboro but I opt out to stop. Our children was tired and just wanted to get home after a long day playing with other children. I could have bought many Asian vegetables, but there is always another day.

Here is my cook rice vermicelli. Right from the

Beef Adobo

I been wanting to cook beef adobo for a long time now. And today, I finally got the courage to use beef instead of pork or chicken. We are trying to remove pork from our diet and it is very hard. I still buy bacon once in a blue moon.

I used beef cubes use in stew. I had to slow cook it first and add all the the spices little by little after an hour. I made sure it is soft enough, I hate tough beef.

So, no more pork adobo for us. The beef taste better and much healthier in my opinion. I will add the picture next. Have a great weekend everyone.