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Beef & Lamb Gyro or Shawarma

I been in love with Gyro since the mid-90's and every time I am around Italian or Gyro restaurant I need to have one. I used to work for a fast food restaurant inside the food court of a big mall and right across from the place I worked at was a Gyro Place. Usually all of the manager (myself included) will buy food that we share with assistant/co-managers and one of them bought this. I said I wanted to taste, and sure enough, I was hooked.


DH and I was watching a certain movie (can't remember the title :D) online and they have this in the movie. I did my research (which I always do, when I find something interesting) and tried making it. It turns out this "malasadas" is identical to the ones my mother used to make when I was young in our off grid house (Philippines). We eat this as a snack. I have been looking for the recipe and I couldn't find the right one. Now, I got it! I am ecstatic.

"Malasadas are eaten especially on Mardi Gras - the day before Ash Wednesday. In Madeira , malasadas are eaten mainly on Terça-feira Gorda (“ Fat Tuesday ” in English; Mardi Gras in French) which is also the last day of the Carnival of Madeira . The reason for making malasadas was to use up all the lard and sugar in the house, in preparation for Lent (much in the same way the tradition of Pancake Day in the United Kingdom originated on Shrove Tuesday ), malasadas are sold alongside the Carnival of Madeira today.&…

Strawberry Sauce

I love Cheese Cake and I never eat it with any toppings. I only do toppings when my family goes to a gathering and have to bring a dish. So with this homemade strawberry sauce I can finally eat some with toppings. I'm not really sure if I will like it, but hey, it's worth a try. Plus I got these strawberries really cheap so, why not.

I used the low sugar pectin for this. I wish I can make my own pectin but my apple trees are barely alive because of caterpillars and deers. I finally got the caterpillars in control this year, but since it was getting bushy with leaves the deer can't help themselves but eat it. So, before they sprout again next year i will put a fine nettings on all of them. That will stop the caterpillars and deers from eating the leaves. And maybe, maybe it will be healthy enough to flowers and fruits.