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Corn Muffin/Bread

I had the recipe for this for about 2 weeks now, and I finally decided to make them. I got the recipe from DH friend. This recipe include some sour cream and his friend put some Italian twist to it. Not perfected yet, because he hand wrote the twist, and he forgot to add the cooking time.

I cooked it the regular way, and way too crunchy for me. DH, in the other hand enjoyed them.

Below was the way I am supposed to cook it. I kinda missed this part, but since I only have two muffin pans, the left over got thrown in 9x13 pan. Which I am supposed to use. The one below I liked a little because I drizzled it with some honey. I will post about this again soon, with the recipe of course. Enjoy the not so perfect corn muffin/bread for now.

Dreams come true

Authored by Greg Fletcher

My dreams were finally right in front of me, Corbin’s Coffee shack and lunch; the huge sign read of my newly bought and furnished café’. I had saved for years and worked many unpleasant jobs to be able to hold this one. I had everything in place to open the next day. I went down my checklist for sandwiches and chips at lunch time, and then made sure I had everything for my espresso machine. My husband reminded me I needed to contact cable tv for business owners and line up music channels for my new shop. He reminded me coffee lovers, loved classical music. I got my music lined up for a day of success. The next day at 9:00 I opened up for business, I had a super busy day with many happy customers. At lunchtime my café was packed you could hardly weave yourself through the people. Many were working on work things and school work. The music made for wonderful background noise. My dream was official I had created a place that everyone in my hometow…

Tortellini with Spinach

DH had been bothering me about cooking tortellini for a long time. However, he can't remember what flavor he used to eat when he was little. So, I got tired of waiting and decided to buy three cheeses to start with. It turns out it was the one. I only bought it this time. I need to research or read on how to make this before doing it myself. It's probably easy, but I don't work well now a days when children are all over me while trying a new recipe. I have to wait until DH can do something with them out of the house. Anyway, here is my version. Boiled tortellini, sauteed garlic and onion in olive oil, add the tortellini and spinach. Stir, serve with Parmesan cheese on top.