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Professional Cookware

There are plenty of times that my husband wanted to open a restaurant chain and always asked me if I wanted to manage it for him. I can't agree more because I have management experience from a restaurant chain when I live in New Jersey. However, opening a restaurant will take a lot of my time and our children are not big enough to stay home by themselves. And who will teach them their lessons. By the way, he already has wasserstrom restaurant supplies in mind when it comes to chain restaurant supplies.

I would love to do it, but I can't be in two places at once. If he is willing to pick up stuff I can't do inside the house, that will be very acceptable. Knowing him, I will end up doing everything and no time to breath in between. I love the man and he got so many ideas in his head, but he needs to step up and do it himself or hire someone else to do it for him.

We already priced the cost of chain restaurant, and we feel it is doable. Yes, we know that we have to buy a share …

Another Accomplished Recipe (part 2)

This is the continuation and the second part of my Ensaymada making. You can read my first post about this by following the link. This a very soft mixture when I finally made it the correct way. Maybe it is supposed to be soft to have the Ensaymada consistency, I am not sure. What I sure right now is the next time (if ever a next time), I will omit some liquid from the first rising or simply try another recipe. The image below is what it looks like after the last rising. The recipe was calling to make a ball and let it rise but it is too soft and too sticky. However, it mentioned about adding more flour. I think 5 cups of bread flour is not enough for this recipe. I will suggest to use your best judgment. I will say that 8 cups of bread flour will be suffice. There are only 3 of us who ate this bread. DH did not like it, he likes my pandesal better than this one. And have you seen how much egg yolks are in this recipe? And what am I supposed to make with all the egg whites I have afte…

Another Accomplished Recipe

There are three recipes I wanted to make. As you all know cinnamon rolls is one of them. I accomplished that twice already. I also wanted to try making Ensaymada, I'm not really sure if non-filipino know what it is, but you can Google it to find And lastly, I wanted to make Siopao. It is a bun filled with pork, well in my case it will be more likely filled with beef or chicken.

Since DH was not home over the weekend, I was able to make Ensaymada. My first try, I put too much liquid. I read the milk and water measurement wrong. The good part is, I was only in the first step. No, worry I have plenty of yeast and milk. So, that one went down the drain.

Ensaymada mistake
Second batch, I was in the second step and it turned out I added way too much potato flour. I was using all purpose flour and adding potato flour for bread consistency. I used 4 egg yolks and 1 egg. I end up putting it in a cup cake mold just to cook it. It already have the ensaymada smell and taste but very l…

Customize Designs

I went to my local arts and crafts store yesterday for some home school materials, and I found stuff in making customized tshirts. I got an idea to buy my kids some shirts and put customize text as our common law campaign. I just have to come up of eye catching phrases. Not so many of us this day and age who follow or at least trying to follow our common law, "The Supreme Law of Our Land". I don't really care what people think the supreme law is, or the legislators, they are simply paper laws, in my opinion.

Furthermore, don't get me started about food. What is up with low-fat, no fat and low calories stuff? I can also have customize food t-shirts and talk about these stuff. People had live a long time ago with all the fat and calories, now they are telling the citizens that they are bad for us. Come on now; common law, common sense, if people have any, they know that moderation is the key when it comes to food.

Watch How to Make Your Own T-Shirts video …

Rice Crispy Treats

You will need the following to make this very easy treats for your family. I am using a glass rectangular pan this time. Make sure to rub some butter at the bottom for easy removal. You will need 4 tablespoon butter, 1 bag of marshmallow, and six cups rice crispy. Melt the butter and marshmallow then add rice crispy. Mix well and pour into the pan. I usually use buttered back of spoon to flatten them. Then when cool, I cut them with buttered knife. (I just rub the spoon and knife with butter).

Here is my finish product. The whole box of rice crispy can make 2 batches of this yummy treats.

Make sure you stop at Ms. Willa's blog to see more food images. Just follow the image below.

Bonito in a Can

I found this in my local Asian store last weekend. This one comes with coconut milk, ginger, salt and hot pepper. I recommend this for my fellow Filipino who miss bonito and cannot buy/find some fresh ones. It comes with two 1 inch slices of bonito. This satisfied my cravings for bonito, I'm hoping to find smoke frozen ones but no luck. This one will do for now.

(2nd Batch) Cinnamon Rolls

Like the title says, this is my second batch of LeAnn Ralph 2 hours cinnamon rolls. I made this over the weekend not knowing my in laws are coming. Yes, for the very first time, they tasted it. My mother in law, of course never touched it, and scold my husband that what he is eating is bad (we knew it). He did not argue because he knew that his mother enjoy arguing about anything.

This is from LeAnn Ralph cookbook "Rural Route 2 Cookbook", thank you so much for sharing this recipe with the public. Just like she said, my family expect it from Did I mention that everyone loves it, except for my mother in law? My sister in law cannot believe I made it from scratch, and she asked me for the recipe. She will try making it, she said.

Homemade Cinnamon Rolls Recipe from LeAnn Ralph

If I’ve heard it once, I’ve heard it a dozen times: “Make homemade cinnamon rolls? From scratch? Are you crazy? That takes all day!” I have several recipes for homemade cinnamon rolls that do, ind…

Beef Tocino

I made this over the weekend. I usually marinade the meat for a few days, but this time I boil it over medium heat until the sauce is almost dry. I was pretty sure DH liked it the last time I made some. However, this time, he not very fond of it, I used pork when he liked it. I think the beef has a stronger flavor for tocino marinade. I'll make sure to marinate it for a few days next time. ODS enjoyed it with hot steamy rice.

I also pound the beef to make it tender. But I noticed that it did not make a difference. As soon as it started cooking it all harden and the simmer process made it tender again.

Or maybe I should have keep on pounding until it was really tender? All I can do is try again, and make it better next time.

It's Official

My kids are growing up. We finally bought some extra flat wares, silver wares, and glass wares. It is official that I need to run out dishwasher twice a day now. Seven people eating 3 times a day including snacks can really fill my dishwasher fast. Can you imagine us having friends and family over?

Since we are using it twice as much, that means it will break twice as fast now. I have to run some vinegar in it more often to keep the gunk away from the coil. I'm just glad that white vinegar is still pretty cheap.

Our Dinner Tonight

Here is my entree for this week. Delmonico cut steak, macaroni and cheese, and saute green beans in tomatoes, onions and garlic. I cooked the steak for 4 minutes on each sides and let it rest for another 5 minutes in the pan. Can you believe that I only learned how to cook steak not too long ago (4 or 5 years)? I like my steak medium well.

I know, all you have to do is put the steak in a hot pan, not for me. I burned them and under cook them so many times. DH complains that we should eat more beef, well I research online and read on how to cook the perfect steak. I am so glad that I did. They just melts in your mouth. And below is my favorite steak sauce.

This one is boneless rib club steak with macaroni & cheese with broccoli. To see more food pictures, please follow the image below.

I would like to add that I used an iron pan when I cook steak. The sizzling sound on a hot thick pan is like music in my ears.

Thank You Everyone