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My DD and I went grocery shopping yesterday. I could not find a fresher Romain lettuce and I end up buying a lot of fruits instead. Most of the Romain lettuce my local grocery store have a soft leaves, I was thinking that it may turn crisp as soon as wash and leave them in the vegetables crisper but I opt not to experiment. Plus, when I buy lettuce we will not touch it until the end of the week (Thursday and Friday). I can't believe I got so much fruits. I even got an Avocado and Mango. I can feel an ulcer ready to come out of my mouth with all the sourness of Mango and Grapes. Why don't I learn that when I eat sour fruits I get ulcers in my mouth.

I Will Accept Adverts Again

Please make sure you come back on 9/26/09 to place your adverts to my EC widget. The price will be 2ec credit a day and that price will be on for a week. If you have a multiple account on EC this is your chance to put all your adverts for free to a blog with PR3.

I will approve all ads on 10/4/09 to give a few people a chance to place any ads they want. I am not gaining anything from it because EC will take most of the earning from it. I am giving a lot of you a chance to place ads close to nothing. You have three days before you can place any ads, I am hoping to get enough adverts then I will turn off my widget again. I am not very fond of EC using the widget in this blog for free since I stop accepting ads.

Now, my regular droppers will get a chance to place an ads for free, well close to it. Please remember that I will approve all ads on 10/4/09 so, don't worry if you see your ad not being approved.

ETA: Ok, I just found out that the 2ec will not stay the even if I don't appr…

Yellow Cake with Chocolate Creamy Filling

I apologize for not dropping EC back yesterday. Here is a slice of cake for those who stop by and drop yesterday. We went to see my in laws, then went to our friends son's birthday party. Yes, I brought you a slice of cake. A store bought cake that taste like sugar, I may as well scoop some sugar from our jar and eat it. Our kids had fun but I end up with a very bad headache around 9 pm last night when we are driving home from Howell NJ.

Please, enjoy the cake.

Know When to Let Go

Did my title catch your attention? I hope it did because, with this post I can tell how to win a LG Bliss cell phone. Yes, another contest and you can make sure you will like what you will win. Not everyone can afford to have a cell phone contract these days. Not to mention if you are one of those people who like their cell phone pay as you go, maybe because they don’t use it much or simply there is no need for it.

This contest already started but you have plenty of time to enter, this will run until November 6 this year. The grand prize is a new LG Bliss cell phone and the second prize is a $50 gift card and it can be use for anything you want. There will be five grand prize winners and fifty second prize winners. (You better re-read it because I said 5 first prize and 50 second prize.) And of course like any other contest you have to be 18 years old to enter.

Facebook users are free to submit photos or videos of your ugly things that you wanted lose or change at…

Homemade EggNog

Most of my kids loves this. Raw milk, home grown chicken eggs (not mine), sugar, nutmeg, and vanilla. Put in the blender and blend, then pour into glass. You can add a dash of cinnamon on top. You know me, I'm not really good with presentation. I take a picture of food the way I serve My only wish is to have my own chickens to lay eggs and cows for fresh eggnog for my children. Hopefully very soon, I can't wait.

iPod and MacBook Giveaway

No, not this blog (I wish) but I am letting you know that you can win an iPod and Macbook from Netfirms contest if you do the following:
Tweet “Win a free iPod Touch or Macbook from Netfirms contest”, domain registration via Twitter a domain via Netfirms Twitter Domain Registration service for $7.99One re-tweet equals one entry per day and one domain registered equals one entry. I think that is plenty of ways to win, don’t you think so? You can also watch the short film to learn about SMS via Twitter. I have seen a lot of blogger who uses these services already, and this time you have a chance to win something.

I wish I have a lot of friends to pass this contest to but I have no luck with that department. I have so many things to do around the house and having a lot of it is another work for me. I do value what I have now and trying to keep them is still hard for cyber schooling mother like me.

It does not matter if we are friends; if you want to join go righ…

Ground Beef Stroganoff

I know not the best presentation here. I did not have time to put it in the plate and take a nicer shot. Anyway, I used ground brown beef, chop onions and garlic, fettuccine, cream of mushrooms and sour cream. ODS loves it but DH didn't even touch it. Enjoy.

In The Life of...

Do you remember the very first time I came to your life? Ahh, those are the days and it lasted for about a year depending on how much we see each other. I can process all your inquiries faster than you making your morning coffees, or doing quick visits to the bathroom. Yes, you will always remember those days as soon as something goes wrong with me. Now, you will try everything in your power to make me run just like before. I wish I can send you a message to tell you what is wrong with me. Let’s start with my hard drive; have you ever run a defragged on them? My temporary files, cookies, history, recycle bin and cache our over flowing with junks. Will you please run your cleaners on them once in awhile?

I may have a 17” display, wireless card, Windows Vista Home Premium, 2.30 GHz AMD Turion 64x2 processor, 2GB memory, 230GB hard drive and DVD+-RW TS-L632H ATA DVD/CD-ROM Drives but, they are nothing if I don’t run the way I am suppose to. I’m not really sure if I resemble any HP because…

Mushrooms & Meatsauce over Pasta

I am able to use some of basil's now, as This is just regular meat sauce, I just added some mushrooms to add in the mix. Like I said before I never like spaghetti with only pasta and sauce. I like mine with everything mix in them.

Homemade Mayonnaise

I ran out of mayo in the middle of the week and I decided to look for a recipe online. I found one that only takes egg yolk, oil, and lemon juice. I tried it and it was very runny. The oil seems to mix well with everything but very runny. I use the hand mixer I have and added the oil very little at a time.

DH came home and I told him about my dilemma and told me to use the blender instead. I put everything in the blender and sure enough it turn into a regular mayo. Thick and creamy. I guess my hand mixer is not good enough to put air into it. Mind you I spend some time doing it too. DH felt so bad because I was complaining about my hand being so tired after making just a cup of mayo...

Others actually suggested to add whey to the mixture to make it taste just like a store bought Hellman's mayo. Maybe next time when I get myself a food processor.

Appreciation Time

Better late than never, they say. The one who made 31 drops on the month of August is featured in my side bar. Thank you every one even if you did not made the list.

Fried Plantains in Eggroll Wraps (Turon)

Simply to say "turon" from what I heard. I was craving for some of my own desserts and this is what I thought of making. I even forgot about the plantains fro a few days and it was almost too ripe and smelled very sweet when I finally get to cook them. I don't make it much because I am the only one that eat these in our household.

I also thought about making "ginataang halo-halo" (mix fruits and vegetable roots with coconut milk and sugar) but I forgot to buy some glutenous rice flour. I cover the plantains in brown sugar before wrapping them in. I did not feel like spending too much time scrubbing the pans, but some still found the way to get out of the wrapper. I enjoyed eating it while hot because of crunchiness, I did want any as soon as they cool down.