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Fast Food, Healthy?

When exactly did it happened? Conversation start when DS and DD told their grandparents that they are not hungry, let's just go home instead. DH was very proud because they mostly eat at McDonald (my children that is).

MIL said, "hamburger is hamburger where ever you buy it." Of course DH and I had been, DH answered, "no." A hamburger that came from a grass feed and free range cow taste VERY different than the one that came from a cow factory.

Then she (MIL) proceeded that they also have salads that are healthy. I chimed in and said, "do you eat anything there?" She said, "I only drink their coffee." Me answering, "if their salad is healthy how come you never eat them?" And I drop it after that, because she started talking to DH on how tasty the burger somewhere they used to live. Plus, like I said before, FIL is a very nice man and I don't want to trouble him about what his wife is saying.

If MIL is hungry enough she will eat …

You Decide

Yes, it is your decision to drink wine or not. Like I said before, I heard and read that there are many benefits from red and purple grapes. The healthy antioxidant they offer are good for human consumption. Read about it and you decide. Knowledge is power my readers. Arm yourself with knowledge.