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Guess What

Firefox decided to update my browser, and now the entrecard tool bar is not compatible with firefox 5.

So, until EC decided to update the tool bar, I will not be able to return drops when it is convenient for me. I don't want to re-install the all firefox because the last I did it, my back, refresh, forward buttons got messed-up. I will leave it alone for now.

Broccoli Salad

Another recipe that is over due. I got the recipe from DH friend a long time ago and I never really tried very hard making or buying the ingredients. And finally, I got some made. Of course DH love it because he knew how it taste.

1 pack cooked bacon (crumbled)
2 crown broccoli
2 tbsp balsamic vinegar
2 tsp sugar
1 c mayonnaise

Rinse the broccoli and separate the floweret. I let it set in the fridge until crunchy or rinse them in icy cold water. Mix the rest of the ingredients, pour on top of broccoli and mix until the dressing is well blended then add the crumble cook bacon. Yum!

Simple Meal

With a flash.

Without a flash.

Pan fried in butter and olive oil ranch tilapia, saute beans with tomatoes (another fav of mine), and my very favorite, white rice. I cook a lot of this in the summer. You can see a few post of mine here with the same items on a plate...:))

Coffee (@4pm)

I forgot to drink my coffee this morning. I was cleaning in the kitchen before starting to cook dinner and I found my mug, with brown sugar (we are only using brown sugar) on the bottom. Oh, I forgot to drink my coffee today. Yes, the coffee is already old from this morning, however, using cream with old coffee still taste the same to me.

Yup, drinking my old coffee right now. I don't want to wake up with a headache tomorrow morning. As for DH, he will drink coffee morning, noon and dinner or even before bed. That how he was when I met him. And yes, he did not have any problem falling sleep at night. I do, I'm hoping I will be able to go sleep on time tonight. I don't want to spend some days in my summer vacation with a headache. I can easily get it from other things already, I don't need to add something else to it...

Looks Familiar

Taken with no flash. I can never get a good shot without a flash. They are always blurry. And I don't like flash much because it is too bright and shiny.

Anyway, a lot of you are probably familiar with the following. Egg-rolls, rice and rice noodles with vegetables.

I am craving for fish for a while now, and anything Filipino takes care of that craving. I can buy fish, but I am craving for bonito or milkfish. I can't get those in my local grocery store. DH call most of the fish I like, bait fish...:(

Cooking on the Weekend

I know most of very organize mother cook meals for the whole week, or at least have the plan for the whole week. Well, I do try to do all of my cooking for the whole week on the weekend.

Which I just did last weekend. I put all the meat that I wanted to cook late Thursday in out fridge. By Friday night they are almost thaw and Saturday and Sunday I do all the preparations and cooking.

However, on the weekend we also go to our local farm to get milk to last our family for a week. And what you will find in our refrigerator are a lot of it on the weekend. You can imagine how pack my fridge last weekend?

The deep fried things are chicken tenders on the left and fish sticks on the right.

Anyway, the images can tell you how much I cooked. An image of my beef adobo is not included because I forgot to take a picture of it. It was still cooking inside my crock pot when I put everything on the table right after everyone was done eating. I always forget to take a picture before eating. I can't s…