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Sweet & Sour Fish

I harvested my entire vegetable garden not too long ago and I have plenty of carrots. I have to use them or they will get bad and here is one recipe I used them at. The fish are cut into cubes and mixed with some flour then cook in butter for less than a minute. I usually like my fish a little crunchy but I did not cook this particular dish that way. DH like the fish just right and not over cooked. I used Mahi-mahi because the fish does not over power the sweet and sour. With DH first bite, he cannot recognized what kind of meat it was. Which is good, because if he can taste the fish more than the sauce, I am sure he will not eat it.

Picture can also be seen in my Vegetable Garden blog
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Steak Sandwich

Here is another way I like my steak sandwich. Cheese at the bottom, onions and bell peppers with ketchup on top. Yummy!

Have a great week everyone.

Salad Places

I saw a few salad restaurant going to Harrisburg a few months back. I guess this is the in thing now. People can stop there and grab some salad for dinner. They are like mushrooms popping every where. I guess I have not left my county for a long time and never noticed it before.

However, I am frequent in NJ and never saw one. Might be a PA thing, who knows. You will not see me there unless we are traveling. I rather make my own salad at home. I remember my ODS is complaining about the salad in his campus dinner hall. He said most of the food are GMO and he quit eating salad because he always find brown lettuce in them...ewww.

We are doom when it comes to vegetables and meat. Unless you are growing your own, you will never know if that organic thing they sell in the store is really organic. They can easily pay FDA to have the label organic, you see. As long as they get 50% of the profit, they don't care.

Money moves mountain...I hate it.

Two Weeks

I haven't share a new food recipe picture for two weeks now...whew. My weekend has been very hectic and cooking some new recipes are out of the picture. I don't think it will get easier either.

We(my family) have some activities lined up for the 4 day weekend we will having. Camping would be nice but that is not in our schedule (yet). A few meetings to go to and a gathering (picnic) of some sort.

I'm hoping to go shopping tonight for food and fabric for my kids costume. Hopefully I have spare time to sew even only one costume this weekend. I'll be making brownies (from the box) for the gathering. I don't have time to make it from scratch this time. The picture should be in my FTF next week. I hate making dish from the box, but I don't have any choice at this time.

Have a great weekend everyone.