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Fried Potato Slices

In short fries, golden or yellow potatoes. My MIL had so much potato fries slicers seen on TV. DH took two of them which I hated. This slicers are so light you need to be very strong to slice a potato. I told DH that I will stick to all fashion hand and knife slicer instead.

I also read that fried food are not good for human consumption. My mother cooked a lot of fried food when I was growing up. However, we eat a well balance diet. We eat a lot of fresh, naturally grown food. Now a days, you cannot tell what they put on store bought produce. Stick to naturally grown produce. Plant when you can.

The Coffee Maker

Here is the coffee maker I was talking about on my post on July 2nd. My camera even showed the dirty part on the right side...ha ha ha. I never thought it was dirty until I looked at this picture. The white filter cannot be found in your local grocery store. Staples have them, but my local Staples do not have it.

DH looked online for local restaurant supplier/store and found this. He said that everything are still in boxes, they do not have anything on display. If you cannot find what you are looking for, you need to ask the clerk to point you to the correct isle. The filters comes in pack of 1000 for $8.95. Furthermore, the store name is Keyco Outlet, they are a restaurant/commercial products supplier.

Now, to clean that dirt...he he he.

The building looks like a bed and breakfast. We put an offer last Monday and hoping we get an answer this Monday. That's my daughter and my mini-van at the front. Maybe I can open a bed and breakfast, I already have a coffee maker that can brew f…

Chicken Florentine Soup

This is my first try making it. And also I waited until it cool down before taking a picture of it. I am still missing one ingredient which is spinach.

It has pasta, carrots, red bell pepper, chicken pieces, curry powder, cream, and salt & pepper. I might also try making another version with potatoes, instead of pasta. My eldest DS liked it, actually he is the one wanted some of this. So, I made some just for him.

I Love Commercial Grade Equipment

My husband, our only daughter and I went back to the local flea market on Sunday to look for some Hotel Bar Supplies for our soon bigger house. (If we ever get a hold of the bank, we are playing phone tag to some of them.) However, we came back empty handed with bar supplies and got a huge coffee maker instead. I told my husband that we can finally have a food stand in our front yard, but he likes to keep the coffee maker in his office instead.

We could probably try shopping for Hotel Supply Online. Like what we did when buying the filters for said coffee maker above. Local grocery and office supply stores are out, or simply does not carry a 9 & 3/4 by 3 & 1/2 coffee filters. Yes, we have to wait for a few days before actually using it, because we are scared that the coffee grounds will overflow if we use the home version coffee filters.

I would not mind if we can locate a branch of Atlanta Hotel Supply in my area. Have you seen their summertime outdoor entertaining supplies? …