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Do you have one in your area? The children and I went out to get DH some tobacco yesterday and the place was close to Rita's. The whole family love their product. Well, the children wanted me to buy them some but I told them that we need to take daddy with us. Sure enough, I told DH when he got home from work and after dinner we all went there.

Before we always buy for everyone, and the children never finished theirs and DH ending up eating it all up. I guess we never been out for sometime and DH was surprised last night that our children finished what they got. As soon as we got them something we left and went home. Poor DH didn't have anything to

We now know to buy each one something. DH was disappointed, however, he is always out and about and can buy himself something.

Customer Service Stinks!

Thanks to Wm Rowe

I think one of the most obnoxious things in the entire world is customer servicelines. They all always say that they have representatives that are ‘available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.” That is always such a joke! Even when you call during normal business hours, there still usually isn’t someone available until 30 minutes later. Then they get mad at you when you’re not overly excited to talk to them because: a.) your product doesn’t work in the first place which is why you are having to call, and b.) now you’ve just wasted 30 MORE minutes of your time to try to ask them why your product isn’t working. Even online help centers aren’t the best, because they try to give you computer generated answers based on the key words in your query. One such place I should look for help with customer service for my high definition television is: I need to call in with them, and I’m hoping that they are better than the rest with response time!

Fresh Peanuts

Actually, I like it fresh boiled peanuts with salt. I am very lucky that DD is not allergic to the smell of boiling peanuts. DH usually share it with me, however, he likes it really salty. That means I have to boil them a few times to get the shell soak through and have the taste of salt inside.

If I can't find fresh peanuts, I settle for dried raw peanuts.