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New Waffles

A very quick shot this morning. I did not plan on making this but DD have other thing in mind. She wakes up when we are ready to start with classes and asked if I can make waffles. I do hate it when any of my children decided to ask me something when I am ready to do other things. I don't mind cooking anything that they wanted to eat, however, when our schedule is limited I get very prostrated.

Anyway, again with no decoration here is what I made in our new waffle maker we bought last year...I think.

Sick Day

I appreciate the guest post, Jewel Rodgers

I rarely stay home from work. I have been known to show up to work so sick that my manager has sent me home. I literally have to not be able to move or talk to not make it in. Last week, I was feeling under the weather, but of course, I made it to work. My manager informed me that I looked terrible and was worried that I was going to get everyone else sick. She sent me home at ten in the morning. I did not have anything to do, so went straight home to take some medication , get in the bed, and try to get well so that I wouldn’t get sent home the next day. I have to admit, I loved staying at home. I put on my pajamas, heated up some tomato soup, curled up with my dog in the bed and watched EXPERT SATELLITE. I did not check my e-mail or answer my phone. Relaxing and watching television with absolutely nothing to do was pure relaxing bliss!

A New Friend of The Family

Let me start by saying no, it's not a person but VINEGAR. I found so many uses for vinegar and I am loving it. I got the marks in my pots and pans erase with a few drops of vinegar. You know the marks after leaving a hot dish in them for a few hours. Yes, those marks. I usually have to scrub them until I can see the scouring pad marks. Not anymore, goodbye marks the easy way for me now.

Our children love to play with markers, pens, and pencils from relatives. And they always use our walls as their papers, like we are running out of paper, (we have plenty to go around). Water, vinegar and dish soap erased them. Of course it takes a while because I don't want to have a bare wall (no paint), so I am taking easy on scrubbing it.

Our bathroom sink is made from ceramics. Since the bathroom is closer to the classroom than our kitchen, our children always empty their paint brushes wash in the bathroom sink. The tempera paint sticks to the ceramics. I tried brushing it with soap or bleac…