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Games for my Little Ones

I can’t wait for spring break for my children. It means that I don’t have to force them wake up early in the morning and argue who will do their lessons first. We are also planning on going on vacation for a few days and get away from it all even only for a few days. They play a lot of PC games when ever they are not doing school works. We don’t have a lot of games because they a lot if we buy every games they wanted. Furthermore, it helps our budget when we find free games or even to beta copies are all worth it.

Today I found other free games that I can add to their collections. Don’t worries they still go outside and play when it’s nice and dry outside. We also go hiking in the weekend to get them some exercise and don’t get bored just sitting around and playing computer games. I would like to invite you to join us at MagNext , you can make your free account and shop to dress up your character. Please come and plays with us, my kids are using my account and have the same username as…

Salmon Teriyaki

DH is not a very fond of fish unless they are totally process. He came home this afternoon with the whole house smelling like fish. I can get away with no skin, no bones and smothered with butter however, his favorite is breaded and deep fry. Three of my kids loves fish and the other two is just like DH.

I broiled them in a low setting. You will find the marinade recipe here. Enjoy!

DH Experiment

I went grocery shopping last Friday to have my whole weekend spent with the family. I also picked my oldest son from school to come along with me. I needed to stop in a multiple store to get what we need for the whole week. While checking out at the last stop he called me. I asked my son to answer it because I was busy bagging the groceries. I like to bag my own grocery; I don't like it when they put my bananas at the bottom of the bag.

Anyway, he told my son nothing. We were almost done with the groceries he called again asking if we have any open brown sugar, I came to a conclusion that he is making chocolate chips cookies because, I still have some chocolate chips left from the brownies I made not too long ago. Most of them can live on cakes and other desserts if given a chance. My son and I were almost home and my phone rang again. I know it was him again because I set a special ring for the people I know. Right away I answered, "don't worry we are almost home", h…

Maybe Later

Have I mention that my husband bought a sink from a restaurant when we bought our house. He was going to replace the old one sink we had at the downstairs bathroom. It was cheap stainless steel restaurant equipment. We both like restaurant supplies to use in our home. We are weird like that, what can I tell you. I was actually looking for manual kitchen wares yesterday and they are hard to find these days. I can't really buy new professional cookwares but I will settle for use ones that are affordable.

Since I love to cook and had worked for a restaurant before, my husband keeps bugging me about opening a franchise fast food restaurant. The only thing I don't have is the money to pay the franchisee plus, I teach my kids at home. I don't have time to spare and watch employee all day. I think they provide restaurant supply and foodservice supplies as well. Maybe when my children are grown and can do classes by themselves, then I can do it. What scares me the most is our econo…

Ask Ms Recipe Spring Fling and Birthday Contest

Come and join Ask Ms. Recipe to celebrate her birthday by joining her Spring Fling and Birthday Contest.

For more details visit her site.

One of the Best Purchase we Made

When we bought our house, we update some of our kitchen wares. We read how important it is to our health to use certain cooking wares. So, we purchase a set of stainless still pot and pans with copper bottoms (that was another best purchase we made). Furthermore, we don't want them rubbing each other and we decided they needed to be hung. We looked at so many stores looking for different sizes, shapes and colors hanging enclume pot racks. I mention before that we are trying (notice the "trying" there) to make our kitchen color coordinate and we settled with black.
Our hanging enclume pot rack is almost the same as the image above. Ours had the copper shelving and chains. Every relative that visit us love it and wishes they can put one like it in their kitchen. Mind you our kitchen is very small and we found the perfect spot for it. I only wish I can have a bigger kitchen to fit the enclume potracks and enclume Gourmet island. Calling Mr. Nedekcir attention to this post…

Homemade Brownies

A friend of ours called over the weekend (Saturday) inviting us to come to their house for dinner for Sunday. I thought I would bake a brownie to bring over. Sunday came and DH confirmed that we are coming however, he canceled and told DH that he was not feeling well. This is the second time he did this. He invited us over and cancel the next day. I think he made plans without asking his wife first, then when he tells his wife and this is the outcome.

They are a very nice couple with 2 daughters. We are in the same boat about the government and stuff. I wish next time he actually ask his wife before planning anything. I am the same way if my husband comes and tell me about a plan. He basically telling me, not making the plan with me makes me irritated.

This brownies did not go to waste. DH and most of our DC loves sweets. However, I can't post the recipe as of yet. I want it to be perfect before doing so. Did I mention home made? Yup, and all natural ingredients too.

Enjoy the pictur…

Started A Business

My husband started his business because he was not sure if his previous employer will call him back to work. Up until now he still did not receive a phone from him, yet. He still needs some equipment to do other things for his business. He has a small size truck and wanted to buy a chevy silverado 3500HD to have a better load and hauling capability. It would be at the high end but the result for his business will be great.

It would be a great help for us to save the family money in fuel if we can all fit in a honda accord or
prius perhaps. However, being a family of seven there is no way that we can. And don't get me started with honda s2000, this is just for a single person and no plan on having children in my opinion. I use to have a little car when I was single and those days were long gone. I will drive a small car when all of my children move out of our house, hopefully not very soon.

Thank You Izea

I went out to go to the bank and Staples to get some school supplies for my homeschoolers and I saw a green box outside the garage door. I looked at it and it came from Izea. Look what they gave me, the shirt is big on me, but DH can wear it or I can use it as a night shirt when the warm weather gets here.

(back of the shirt)
DC ate all the fortune cookies, candy and lollipop. I have not taste the BLU Frog yet, but will do later after dinner.

Front of the shirt.
Molly our cat is inspecting it making sure there is no bomb in Just kidding.

Did you get yours?

Amazing Dolphins Behavior

Have you seen it yet? I have not seen it yet in person, and the last time I was at Sea World was during my single days. I went to visit my sister in California whom I have not seen in seven years prior to that visit. And since she lives only 45 minutes away, I asked her if we can go to Sea World in San Diego. It was very crowded because I went there during summer vacation. We can't get into anything because of the long lines. However, we actually managed to see Shamu's performance and I have a picture to prove it. We only stayed for the whole day and did not see most of the attractions.

One of the attractions that we missed was the Dolphin Show. I wonder if the Dolphins already blowing bubbles those days. I'm sure that my children will enjoy watching Dolphin Bubbles made. It seems that they can entertain themselves playing with these bubble rings. It also makes me think what they are probably trying to tell us something. But then again, that is only my opinion. This is anot…

My Version

Sausage, fried rice and egg (sausage, sinangang, at itlog) very popular back home for breakfast. This is what happened when I have extra time cooking in the morning. My sausage is maple flavor and my fried rice is simply garlic fried rice.

My pilipino style breakfast

February Top EC Droppers

I apologize for the delay posting this.

A Week of Relaxation

Yes, that is what my husband and I would like to do after all the busy year. Of course, our day is not complete if we don’t tag along our four little ones along. We can’t enjoy the vacation without them. You know what I am talking about if you children and don’t have anyone to help you around. We do miss them when they go with grandpa and Aunt for a few hours. We don’t know what to do without them.

We will start with the Mystic Caverns and visit two underground caves (my husband would say “there is cave in Branson”? That would be a nice science or history lessons for my two home scholars, while staying and enjoying the HIlton Branson Convention Center Hotel. Furthermore, we will visit some real estate offices to check house and lot or maybe mostly lot prices around that area. Like I mentioned before we are always in the lookout for cheap properties everywhere.

We are not a big fun of sport like the NAIA Basketball Championship on March 11 to 19, 2009 however, my kids will enjoy t…

Deep Fry Veggies

I know that deep fried food is not the healthiest however, I only do this once a month or longer. I have leftover batter from cooking chicken nuggets and my vegetables will only end up in the garbage if I don't cook them then.

You can use any type of vegetables that you like. Here, I used red and green bell peppers, I will try okra next time.