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Home Made Rolls & Mussels

Whole wheat rolls, home made.

With butter melting...

And my mussels cooked in coconut milk with ginger...DD can't stop eating them until they are all gone...:)

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Simply Delish

For my pallet that is. I know some people are not fond of what I eat...he he he. Our Uncle who lives in FL is nice enough to think of me and sent me some of these. A few years back they had oranges, and this year they have Apple Mangoes growing in the backyard.

While looking at them, I was thinking on what to do with it. I never liked the ones they sell in my local grocery stores. However, I can't stand looking at them and cut open one. It smell like Indian mangoes from back home and it taste like one too. I had so much, that I had to give some away and I force DH to eat some. He likes it all cut up. I don't have any choice and I did it for him. The below picture is slices of mangoes with saute shrimp paste. No drooling please...he he he

A friend of mine got 4 big pieces. I cannot drop it to her early when still a little crunchy because she moved and working the whole time I got them. She some very ripe, and she told me it smell so good not like store bought. Anyway if you like …

Mac & Cheese with Broiled Tilapia

DH said with to mac and cheese with broccoli over the phone. However, when he got home he devour it because he was soo hungry. I should let my family starve first, then cook something healthy and they will eat it with no problem...urgh.

Broiled Tilapia recipe can be found by clicking here.

Paksiw & Strawberry Banana Smoothie

This is my FTF entry for this week. Paksiw (sour broth) frozen baby bonito (tulingan). I settled for frozen ones, because this is very hard to find in my area. Always eaten with ton of I don't have any other vegetables to mix with it but the pepper. I was lazy to go out (shopping) with the heat we are having.

And for dessert; strawberry banana smoothie. I was weeding my vegetable garden today and I was sweating a lot. What a nice drink to have! Very filling (sweet) and refreshing after soaking under a hot sun.

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We celebrated my YDS 4th birthday over the weekend. All four children requested to have ice cream cake for any birthday in the summer. And here is one of them, (so far).

Below is DH fathers day cake. I whipped this thing up a few hours before he got home from a meeting. Since he was away, I could not go to the grocery store to buy anything, but it turns out I have everything I needed to make this cake. I had to look very hard inside the

Homemade chocolate cake, the recipe is on the Hershey cocoa powder container. I recommend the recipe because it is very moist. Try it out sometimes.