Saturday, July 13, 2013

The Coffee Maker

Here is the coffee maker I was talking about on my post on July 2nd. My camera even showed the dirty part on the right side...ha ha ha. I never thought it was dirty until I looked at this picture. The white filter cannot be found in your local grocery store. Staples have them, but my local Staples do not have it.

DH looked online for local restaurant supplier/store and found this. He said that everything are still in boxes, they do not have anything on display. If you cannot find what you are looking for, you need to ask the clerk to point you to the correct isle. The filters comes in pack of 1000 for $8.95. Furthermore, the store name is Keyco Outlet, they are a restaurant/commercial products supplier.

Now, to clean that dirt...he he he.

The building looks like a bed and breakfast. We put an offer last Monday and hoping we get an answer this Monday. That's my daughter and my mini-van at the front. Maybe I can open a bed and breakfast, I already have a coffee maker that can brew fresh coffee every three minutes.

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