Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Salad Places

I saw a few salad restaurant going to Harrisburg a few months back. I guess this is the in thing now. People can stop there and grab some salad for dinner. They are like mushrooms popping every where. I guess I have not left my county for a long time and never noticed it before.

However, I am frequent in NJ and never saw one. Might be a PA thing, who knows. You will not see me there unless we are traveling. I rather make my own salad at home. I remember my ODS is complaining about the salad in his campus dinner hall. He said most of the food are GMO and he quit eating salad because he always find brown lettuce in them...ewww.

We are doom when it comes to vegetables and meat. Unless you are growing your own, you will never know if that organic thing they sell in the store is really organic. They can easily pay FDA to have the label organic, you see. As long as they get 50% of the profit, they don't care.

Money moves mountain...I hate it.


Christy said...

I really like the Salad Works which was recently built near our home. They have yummy salads and soups. The downside is they are pretty expensive for a healthy lunch.

Nedekcir said...

Wow, really you've eaten there...I guess they are all over the place. Nothing close to where I am right now, but I bet they will have it here soon enough...thanks for the comment.

Karen said...

It would be nice to have a salad place near us. I do like the Cobb salad from Bob Evans.