Monday, June 13, 2011

Coffee (@4pm)

I forgot to drink my coffee this morning. I was cleaning in the kitchen before starting to cook dinner and I found my mug, with brown sugar (we are only using brown sugar) on the bottom. Oh, I forgot to drink my coffee today. Yes, the coffee is already old from this morning, however, using cream with old coffee still taste the same to me.

Yup, drinking my old coffee right now. I don't want to wake up with a headache tomorrow morning. As for DH, he will drink coffee morning, noon and dinner or even before bed. That how he was when I met him. And yes, he did not have any problem falling sleep at night. I do, I'm hoping I will be able to go sleep on time tonight. I don't want to spend some days in my summer vacation with a headache. I can easily get it from other things already, I don't need to add something else to it...

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