Thursday, June 2, 2011

Cooking on the Weekend

I know most of very organize mother cook meals for the whole week, or at least have the plan for the whole week. Well, I do try to do all of my cooking for the whole week on the weekend.

Which I just did last weekend. I put all the meat that I wanted to cook late Thursday in out fridge. By Friday night they are almost thaw and Saturday and Sunday I do all the preparations and cooking.

However, on the weekend we also go to our local farm to get milk to last our family for a week. And what you will find in our refrigerator are a lot of it on the weekend. You can imagine how pack my fridge last weekend?

The deep fried things are chicken tenders on the left and fish sticks on the right.

Anyway, the images can tell you how much I cooked. An image of my beef adobo is not included because I forgot to take a picture of it. It was still cooking inside my crock pot when I put everything on the table right after everyone was done eating. I always forget to take a picture before eating. I can't stop the hungry tummies in my household to hold until I take some photos of the food. I will hear it from DH...:))

The deep fried meat took forever to make/cook. The process takes time. The strawberries are sour being early in the season so, I made the children strawberry smoothies. It has been a very hot few days for us. The bananas I mixed some pieces with cottage cheese and mandarin oranges, and shredded coconuts on top. I tried not to add any cooking on some days when its hot outside. And the following was very easy to make.

There are only 5 pieces of the barbecue wings left. DH commented not too cook to often because he might gain more weight. We both been there and we don't want to go back weighing more than we should have. I mixed the regular barbecue with some honey and DH can't stop eating them.


J-mie said...

I am one mom who plans to plan our weekly meals but failed to do so. :(
I find it more difficult to plan than just cook what is requested.

Try mixing banana with strawberry for your smoothies. This is one of my favorite mix.

Julie said...

If that`s what your kitchen table looks like all I have to say is "that`s amazing"!!!