Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Having Kids

Guest written by our friend Gladys Fuentes

When my husband and I were dating, and even in our first few years of marriage, we went out all the time. We went to see movies almost every weekend. We went out to dinner at least twice a week. We went to concerts and college football games and traveled to every state within a six hour driving distance. However, after we had our first child two years ago, we were no longer able to go out as much. I began working part-time instead of full-time, so our income decreased and we were not able to afford going to movies and concerts as much as we used to. We actually did not have cable TV at home until after we had our first child because we were never home to watch it. Now that we’re home a lot more and cannot afford the entertainment that we used to, we decided to get cable from Direct TV. Now my husband and I go on “dates” after the kids are asleep, and we usually watch a movie or a show that we both enjoy. Times have changed in our house, and I miss the days when we would travel or go to the movie theater, but I am glad we did those things when we could, and I would not trade these kids for anything.

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