Friday, October 21, 2011

A New Friend of The Family

Let me start by saying no, it's not a person but VINEGAR. I found so many uses for vinegar and I am loving it. I got the marks in my pots and pans erase with a few drops of vinegar. You know the marks after leaving a hot dish in them for a few hours. Yes, those marks. I usually have to scrub them until I can see the scouring pad marks. Not anymore, goodbye marks the easy way for me now.

Our children love to play with markers, pens, and pencils from relatives. And they always use our walls as their papers, like we are running out of paper, (we have plenty to go around). Water, vinegar and dish soap erased them. Of course it takes a while because I don't want to have a bare wall (no paint), so I am taking easy on scrubbing it.

Our bathroom sink is made from ceramics. Since the bathroom is closer to the classroom than our kitchen, our children always empty their paint brushes wash in the bathroom sink. The tempera paint sticks to the ceramics. I tried brushing it with soap or bleach, they don't go away. I had such positive outcome with the walls and tried the same mixture. When I was finish, I cannot believe my eyes. It looks like it was a new sink.

We have a a well and our pool filtering system always get clog with lime/calcium from the water. And concentrate vinegar does the job. Even with our faucets. I will do it with our shower head very soon because our shower is not a shower anymore. More like a faucet the way the water comes out of it.

Thank goodness for distilled white vinegar. It is my cleaning savior.

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