Saturday, April 28, 2012

Corn Muffin/Bread

I had the recipe for this for about 2 weeks now, and I finally decided to make them. I got the recipe from DH friend. This recipe include some sour cream and his friend put some Italian twist to it. Not perfected yet, because he hand wrote the twist, and he forgot to add the cooking time.

I cooked it the regular way, and way too crunchy for me. DH, in the other hand enjoyed them.

Below was the way I am supposed to cook it. I kinda missed this part, but since I only have two muffin pans, the left over got thrown in 9x13 pan. Which I am supposed to use. The one below I liked a little because I drizzled it with some honey. I will post about this again soon, with the recipe of course. Enjoy the not so perfect corn muffin/bread for now.


Pizza said...

Corn muffin bread is good dish, which is very energetic which can be prepared with less items and also with less preparing times. This menu is very low fat food which can be consumed at all time.

Mayet said...

I'd like to try to cook this;)