Friday, December 19, 2008

Made It

After a year, (I think) I finally went back to the Asian store in Parsippany (Maxine) last weekend. I went by myself because DH was in the bad mood all weekend because of politics or maybe he is having his time of the month...he he he.

I almost bought the whole store...(I don't think I have enough money to do I couldn't get myself out of their bakery without buying anything. I settled with Hopia and Ensaymada macapuno.

Even with this weather they still have oriental vegetables. Long beans, eggplants, okra, you name it they have it. They also have some fresh bamboo shoots. They have some of my favorite fruits like guavas and pomelos( Lukban). However they are too expensive I didn't bought any.

I bought a lot of pansit canton, pansit bihon, lumpia wrappers, mix for fruit salads (kaong & nata de coco), banana ketchup (they are probably not good for me because of the sugar and coloring) and other things I can't remember anymore.

I can only go there once in the blue moon and I had to take that opportunity to get everything I wanted. I wish what I bought would last a year but I doubt it. Furthermore, getting out of the house by myself is always a plus.


Windmill said...

WOW, isn't that amazing. Those items were available there.

Glad you had a nice time shopping of vegetables and fruits that you grew up with. :)

Allen's Darling said...

wowowow ate i love asean food talaga eh.

irel said...

Merry Christmas!!!

Barbara said...

I'm so jealous, our Asian food market never has guavas! I get plenty of stuff for making pansit and lumpia though... MMMMMMmmmmm.

DineometerDeb said...

That is my problem also when going into Asian stores--I want to buy everything to try it! I always wish that I had brought along some recipes so I could select the right ingredients and one day plan to be organized enough to walk into the store with an actual list!