Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Copy Cat (moi)

I got the recipe from Ms. Gene of Tasty Exploration. I made some substitutions because I am so sure that DH will not eat anything with fish sauce in them. Instead I used Worcestershire (I can never pronounce sauce. This sauce have fish sauce in the ingredients. The rest of the family loves it (including me), but not so much for DH. I told him this one will replace the pork adobo. However, he declare that he loves pork adobo better.

Shaking Beef
I used the beef cubes I bought from our local grocery store, I think I have to try cutting it smaller next time. He said it's a little tough for his taste. The smaller cut he likes. So, going back to the drawing board with this one. I will make it better for DH to like it more. Thanks Ms. Gene for sharing the recipe for this one, it will definitely added to my weekly menu. Oh yes, this is called "shaking beef".

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