Friday, November 5, 2010

Another Friday

Whew! I missed two weeks of FTF again. Like I said before, this will not get better anytime soon. I think this will only get better when my children can do their own lessons at home. Right now, I can't leave them alone.

I'm having a lot of salad lately. Even DH cannot tell me what he wants to eat most of the time. And I don't want to waste time cooking if no one will eat it. I miss my son in college. He eats everything I put on the table and even the left-over.

Too much chocolate from Halloween. Kids open them non-stop and when they are broken, they just put it in the garbage. Then later they will not have anything sweet to eat. I don't mind it at all, at least they will disappeared faster...but a waste of money.

Have a great weekend everyone, I maybe traveling again this weekend along with the family. I have to pick up my ODS from Edinboro University on the 23rd and I am not looking forward for a 6 hours drive one way...:( But I have no choice, I wanted him to join us for Thanksgiving.

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