Wednesday, February 9, 2011


You would think a well traffic eatery in a town should accept credit card for the convenience of their customers, not all of them. Some owners would say it is too expensive to have it, and they don't earn enough to use it. Others simply don't want to accept credit card payment. Knowing what I knew now, I can't really blame them. It is their establishment and they can do whatever pleases them. If they want you to pay them eggs or chickens, you must, because that is what they accept.

Yes, it would be an inconvenience for people like me, because I hardly used cash, since they invented debit cards with Visa and MasterCard logos. I can use it as a credit or debit card. I am bad at remembering things, so I use it as credit most of the time.

Who uses cash these days? Yes, I know, someone will say, "I do, all the time." Well, majority of people nowadays doesn't. These eateries should get a restaurant merchant account. Serve more with merchant account providers. They are offering a limited time offer with free setup, free application, free programming, same day approvals, free technical support, free internet check software (for those who love to write checks), free shopping cart software, and next day funding available. If this is what you are looking for, please follow the link I provided and check their rates.