Monday, February 21, 2011

Kosher Recipe

No, this post is not about kosher recipe, but looking at kosher recipes. This is my very first time cooking one, and I don't know if I have to follow everything to the bone or substitute them with something.

I am not bashing the kosher recipes but some of the ingredients on some of the recipe I found was a killer. Literally can kill someone when they eat enough of eat. I know about the "boiling a kid in its mother milk." However, our rabbi was nice enough to explain it too us.

First we are not converting to anything, because we are nothing to begin with. We (my whole family) wanted to learn the other side of the story (the easiest way to put it). We don't mind learning about Islam if someone is willing to teach us about it too. Our rabbi is in the same phase with us about the government and other organizations that are made up to control people.

So, the phrase "boiling a kid in its mother milk" was pertaining to the way women cook a long time ago. On Kosher meat I pretty much do it when I was living with my parents, except for pork...yuck! That is what happened when your elder did it while they are alive.

So, on Saturday after learning some words from the book of high almighty, we ate together. We jump from books to books, and chapter to chapters and it took forever. Anyway, I decided before going to this study to bring Brisket. I don't think the meat is kosher because there are blood all over it. And yes, it did not say kosher on the tag. I cook it the easiest way or the less ingredients as possible, because I don't want to add non-kosher with the dish. Our rabbi did not have any problem eating it. I am not saying anything, simply stating he is not hard to please, and he puts everything in perspective.

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