Saturday, April 30, 2011

Need to Replace

This pertains to mostly every furniture we have at home. I did our kitchen chair cushions and covering when our children are still little. You know what happens when they are being used all the time, know it, right? They get dirty and well,.. the padding/cushions get less cushiony. I also made a mistake buying the new cover on them, because I match the curtain which has blue flowers on white. With children using it on every meal, I came to a conclusion that is not very smart.


Lucky enough our dining table does not use vinyl tablecloths. Did you know that the fork can go through anything when they don't want to eat? I would have change that thing once a week, and don't get me started with butter knives...:)) They used it as a saw. They are getting big now, and they can comprehend a lot of things too.


I think it's time to do some updating especially in the kitchen and dining area which we use a lot. It would be nice if my husband can add some more kitchen pantry cabinets, but that is another story. However, I will settle for more than one drawer. Every time the drawers come to mind, I always asked, what are they thinking when they build this kitchen (for the people who owned it, before us), they never thought about of using it, I think?

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Allen's Darling said...

Hi Ate Den its beautiful antique right