Friday, April 1, 2011

Beef Adobo

I been wanting to cook beef adobo for a long time now. And today, I finally got the courage to use beef instead of pork or chicken. We are trying to remove pork from our diet and it is very hard. I still buy bacon once in a blue moon.

I used beef cubes use in stew. I had to slow cook it first and add all the the spices little by little after an hour. I made sure it is soft enough, I hate tough beef.

So, no more pork adobo for us. The beef taste better and much healthier in my opinion. I will add the picture next. Have a great weekend everyone.

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MAC said...

I love using Adobo seasoning but I always watch to make sure it has cumin. I've used this for all meats, fries and even a few veggies.