Friday, May 27, 2011

Tips on Making Salad

I like to be organize. Well, I can say that I was very organized before I met DH. It is easy to do so when I only have to do it for two people. My ODS and myself. Now, add another person to the picture will be hard, specially when one does not follow it and always wing it.

When one does all the planning and the rest just wait to be told is very hard. Now-a-days meal planning is next to impossible. I will asked what they want to a meal. Most will answer, "I don't know." Well, that will not solve anything. They end up just eating what is ready to eat (mostly like junk food). And whatever food was cooked will never get touch and end up rotten and wasted.

Anyway, let's get back to my title. Most of the time DH will come to the kitchen hungry because his answer was, "I don't know." I don't usually pre-cut romaine lettuce because I am not organize anymore. So, what I do is, rinse the lettuce in ice water. It makes the lettuce instantly crispy. If you are a salad person you know what I am talking about. The crispier part of the refrigerator does not work very well. And limped lettuce is not appetizing.

I can make salad in ten minutes, considering everything that DH wanted mixed on it are ready or cooked (ex. grilled chicken).

Tips with the lettuce: Rinse them on icy water for extra crunch.

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