Monday, January 16, 2012

The Kitchen of my Dreams

The kitchen of my dreams, yes only in my dreams. Unless DH and I figure out how to do a kitchen remodeling, that we can easily afford. I love the traditional styles with light wood color cabinets. Can you imagine how much baking I will be doing with the below examples? You will not get me out of that kitchen.
Every time I wanted to use my kitchen counters; cleaning is a must. Cleaning as, removing all the appliances on it before I can do anything. Even the cupboards that I have, are not enough to hide everything. I enjoyed viewing the example from this website. Just looking at them is enough for me, as for now. Maybe when our children are bigger, we can eventually try remodeling it with their help.
We can also add a pantry when we do. I don't have to go down the basement when I need something. All the things I needed will be in the kitchen, where it should be. The pots rack we have will fit perfectly on top of the sink just like the picture above. I can't wait! Ok, back to browsing more kitchen styles, come and join me.

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Julie said...

Wow...that`s like the perfect kitchen:D