Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Can't Decide on Food Mill

DH started another order at Amazon, and I am looking for things that I needed in our kitchen for our next year harvest. Yes, thinking ahead. I am planning on planting a lot of tomatoes to make tomato soup because I cannot find any at my local grocery store without high fructose corn syrup. They have some but DH do not like them with basil and other stuff.

He likes the original recipe. And today I am looking for food mill. OXO food mill came on top, but the most expensive. Others looks doable but  a lot of waste food from what I read and do not push a lot of food through. I think my first job to do is visit my local flea market in March or April when they first open to find things that I needed in the kitchen on preserving. I still have a lot of time, because tomatoes will not be ready until July or August next year.

I'm still hoping for apples and other fruits preserve from my backyard. Winter last longer this year, I hope less for next year. Plus, we don't have "pick your own" this year because of it. I like it fresh from the tree. They do sell fruits in the farms in my area, but I don't know how long they have them sitting on the shelves. I like to know how fresh they are when I want to preserve it for our use. Clear gel will be on my shopping cart too.

If you have any suggestions, please write them down on comment sections. Thanks.

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