Saturday, January 4, 2014

Big Kitchen/Dining Room

Finally our big kitchen/dining room has all the wall up. I'm hoping we can finish the wood floor before DH go back to work. Did I mention he procrastinate a lot? Yup, that's my DH.

After everything was away, we found out that we can easily have an island in the middle of the top pic and the bottom pic. We also notice that the bottom pic look bare on the top. So, guess what? We will add an island and a few more cabinets there. Maybe a display shelves of some sort. My pots rock will go on top of the upright freezer at the bottom picture. That freezer will be moving to the pantry of by the laundry room. Whichever got more room, I guess.

DH is not confident enough to do the spackle. We will hire someone to do it. Also I decided to put a murals in the wall of the sink and stove. Since my color scheme will be wood/white/light green/red, I want a mural with red. And the backsplash will also have some red, then I will paint the wall light green. Hopefully we can finally have some company/gathering in this big kitchen on 2014 Thanksgiving & Christmas.

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