Thursday, January 2, 2014

Rice Pudding (Biko)

This is Filipino delicacy. While chatting with my HS friends I got myself making this because we were talking about what to put on the table for "Media Noche" (a family gathering and eating at midnight December 31st). It's a Filipino tradition to welcome the New Year.

I do not have friends, well friends that willing to drive to my house and hang out during Media Noche. So, I don't usually slave myself in the kitchen after dinner on December 31st. However, I was tempted on tasting this delicacy so, I made half a batch for myself and whoever wanted to taste it with me in my household.

DH and DD tasted it. DD wasn't too crazy about it, but DH helped me ate it. They are many ways to make this and I picked the bake one. I love the brownish crusty sweet on top. For recipe you can simply google it.

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