Monday, October 19, 2015

Walk-in Pantry

Yes, DH and I finally finished our walk-in pantry after 2 years being in this house. Money is the big factor in doing so. There are not much here because these groceries came from my kitchen. I haven't bought any extra food yet, because there is no place to store them. The buckets are dry beans that I am supposed to transfer to some jars. Remember my post canning dry goods? Yap, these dry goods are continuing procedures. I put all the dry beans I buy and can them when I have enough to do one load inside the oven.
This is actually an "L" shape stock room. One side is our pantry, the other is our classroom stock room for extra books and school/office supplies. There is another shelf right around the corner that cannot be seen in the picture. And I got these shelves from amazon for $60 with our prime shipping. We bought 6 of them.

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