Friday, May 23, 2008

Home Deep Fryers

I do a lot of deep frying at home. You can tell because I wrote the recipes and post the pictures here. My kids love deep fried food like French fries. I know, not very wise but I try to limit deep frying twice a week. My daughters’ favorite is the doughnuts and my sons’ is the chicken nuggets. You can see both recipes here in my blog.

I only use a little home deep fryers I bought way before I had kids. Now you know how old that is. And no I’m telling you my age…he he he.

I wanted to buy a new one that looks like the commercial deep fryer we used at the restaurant but smaller, a home version one with filtering system. I know how bad deep fried food are but sometimes you just gonna have some.


The Wealthy Blogger said...

My mother used to use a very large copper pot with a lid, and then a metal sieve for deep frying. Mmmm... thick cut home made chips! Or "french fries" as they are called in N. America.

For non-deep fried fried food, cast iron skillets are the way to go. :)

Usa-Wifey said...

hi ate eden i have something for you

Me my hubby don't want me to own the deep fryer...because maybe it will cause fire..confused laugh..

anyway this is the url...

Nedekcir said...

thanks weng, i will grab it later in the week.